powheel app?

  • Greetings friends

    Been away for awhile with work and all but i have a question. what is so special about this Powheel app granted it seems to give out a lot more information which is always a plus but aside from that i'm not sure what to do with it.
    I see it has custom light settings... and can tell you about the foot pressure but.... maybe i'm missing something.

  • @Dark_Knight
    I think that, in case of a nosedive, you can check the logs in the app to see what happened...

  • It also has a nifty features like recording your trip top speed, pulling the total miles ridden, and more detailed battery info.

  • It's definitely my go-to OW app now for reasons above like access to the lifetime odometer, voltage reporting for individual battery cells, top speed logging, and super detailed CSV logs you can put into Excel and get real nerdy with. One feature I really like about it is that it doesn't make you confirm the selection every time you switch back to extreme mode. The current speed is displayed nice and big and not in tiny text buried in a tab like in the official app. Oh, and it has freaking low-battery alerts! One vibration at 75%, two at 50%, three at 25%, and four at 5%. Overall, it's a pretty neat package that is still improving.

  • Can someone recommend a decent super cheap android that runs android 5.0? I have never had an android phone so any good ideas would be appreciated.

  • @Wisconsin_53122 I am using a low cost Lenovo tablet found at bestbuy. I just check the app after each ride.

  • Is this android only app??!

  • @Wisconsin_53122 I also went to Best Buy. I am an Iphone guy but do like the build quality of Motorola. The Verizon option (I will never activate) was in stock at many stores. This link shows an even cheaper option with Sprint. $25-$35 for a quality phone. It is built with an impact resistant coating and it looks like it could handle an occasional drop. @kwatts app works fine but screen doesn't line up perfectly which doesn't bother me that much. pOnewheel is android only and blows away the official app! Here is a link at Best Buy.

  • @Wisconsin_53122 Used is the way to go. Swappa.com is a good place to buy a used phone. I have a Moto X (2014) laying around I would sell you cheap(ish). I'd factory reset it and make sure the apps run okay for you first, of course.

    @dirtyjersey yep.

  • @duc809 thanks for that link, been looking to get a cheap android phone so my buddy can use the app. this looks perfect.

    also thanks for the props all on the app, i'm not able to work on it much these days due to life/work/etc but good to see it being used.

  • I had an LG g2 and the ap was perfect but now I have a galaxy core prime and I can't even find the app in the app store it sucks I'm so sad

  • Thanks for the tips. Picked up a pre-paid phone for $9.99. I am not sure how they can even be that cheap. Can't wait to try the app.

  • @Nicky Skinz - I had that problem where I could not see the p0wheel app and it was because I was not running a compatible version of android so you might want to make sure you are running a high enough version. I think it android 5 or higher .


  • Can you use every feature of this app on a phone without service? Or is it only certain functions?

  • can we just get an iOS app :P

  • Yes the app is full functional with out an internet connection.

  • Think I'm going t purchase an Android device to use this app. Will I get lifetime mileage even if I haven't been using the app?

  • @BrianInMN - Yes the lifetime mileage is stored on the OW so you will be ale to see the total mileage it has traveled in its life.

  • @wr420 Seriously?? Man, with all this data that's available in the current Onewheel, you gotta assume Future Motion just wanted to hurry up and get an app out there for people to use, but they must be working on something bigger to take advantage of all that other stuff!

    Well, or else they just did it mainly for themselves for testing the board. In which case I'm going to have to buy an Android phone just to use with my OW.

  • @thegreek For sure. @kwatts has done in his spare time black boxing it, a better job than FM has done, and they wrote the thing. They have to have something coming down the pipe. I've had mine for 2 months and I love it, but I am a bit disappointed there has not been a firmware update(features).lol They did mention something about firmware in there latest video so I'm hoping that is a hint about some upcoming deeper integration between device and OW.

    Not sure what their release schedule was been like up to now. Also curious to know hardware/memory/usage to get an idea how much room this OW has to grow.

  • @Future-Motion can you please boot this guy? >> @indutaurus

    I've got 20 new posts, and they're all just LEO spam.

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