Tire change tutorial coming soon!!

  • Sprung a leak in my tire today because it was worn down on the sides..i should have a new tire this coming week from tsracing.com for 70$ shipped.. I will be making a complete tutorial on how to change it.. what tools to use and pictures to go with it..

  • @njcustom Sweet. No where close to that point myself, but which tire specifically? I would do it if I'm out of warranty by the time I need new rubber.

    At $70 you certainly aren't saving all that much money, but I'm guessing that at $99 including shipping both ways, FM is close to breaking even, or even subsidizing tire changes. Most people probably opt to include the check-up and new footpads/bumpers, though. Replacing all three yourself would cost you $165 vs $215 and I'm not sure why a well functioning board would even need a check-up. The real cost is being without your OneWheel for a couple weeks!

  • @bmtka The real cost is being without your OneWheel for a couple weeks!

    Exactly. More like 3 weeks.
    That'll kill your Summer.

  • @bmtka I suggest the same vega tire.. that's what I bought.. it wouldn't be smart to change it

  • @njcustom Well, yeah, that's what I'm saying. Which is the one specifically? I tried to figure it out on Vega's website once, but couldn't quite determine which tire we had.

  • This is slightly off-topic, but I'll bet the next Onewheel that comes out will have the wheel branded with Onewheel instead of Vega. At least the most dominant label.

  • @thegreck I'd bet they are developing a purpose built tire. I'm hoping it has a bit of tread and maybe a harder rubber compound for longer life. It's not like you're ever hurting for grip on pavement at OneWheel speeds on medium hardness racing slicks designed for little kids in karting to take corners at 60mph. I would totally buy a snow tire, too if it had a proper winter compound and was siped.

  • Got the popcorn ready......

  • @bmtka very dangerous.. if a rock gets caught in the tread and jams you up at high speed it won't be pretty lol.. I suggest staying with a slick.. you probably can find a harder tire.. another suggestion is to stay with vega because not all tire companies make tires the exact same size even with the same number.. tire molds are slightly different from company to company.. same with automotiv tires.. this is something I will mention in my tutorial..

  • @njcustom Also, I've never seen any need for tread. The slick tire amazingly seems to handle great on all terrain. Even on wet roads.

  • @thegreck

    True. You also need that smoothness all around for carving.

  • I've also found that more air pressure is better.. it takes away the wobbles..

  • @njcustom I wouldn't personally experiment with different tires without the blessing of FM. Not like I'm gonna buy a wet-weather karting tire and slap it on there. The wear resistance would be terrible! As for safety, I can't imagine a rock getting jammed up into a rubber substrate solidly enough to cause a lockup given the amount of torque the motor puts out. It might chew up the bottom tire-side edge of your trailing footpad pretty fast, or launch high velocity pebbles into your crotch now and again though. But it's not out of the question. Something semi-knobby, similar to a cross-over bike tire, would possibly work.

    Tread on the tire was actually one of the items listed in the what do you wanna see future versions section of that survey they sent out to us. Like I said, it would have to be purpose built, developed and carefully designed to operate safely. The main disadvantage I see is that it's going to fling a ton more crap topside. But you know, fenders and stuff. Maybe it is a really bad idea, but if FM comes up with something useful and safe, it would be nice to have the option.

    @thegreck I've never had a problem on wet pavement, but have definitely found myself struggling for grip off-road. I realize most of you are carving through a concrete jungle 95% of the time. I get on the pavement maybe 30% of the time, 40% on gravel of various grades, and the rest in grass, single track, pasture, etc. Tall grass-particularly when wet, certain loose soils, and the occasional patch of snow have caught me out before. The tire as it is now has more than adequate contact area for hard pavement riding, I doubt if you would even notice losing a few sq. cm to a bit of tread. Gravel is my favorite surface to ride on because it has some give in the turns, however, tread would not improve this experience at all in my opinion, would just fling more rocks up. So I don't know. I'll leave it to the experts.

    @Aaron-Broward-FL Didn't realize I'd paged the drama team lol. Did I miss a prior discussion about this? Was it buttery? Can you link me?

  • @bmtka said in Tire change tutorial coming soon!!:

    @Aaron-Broward-FL Didn't realize I'd paged the drama team lol. Did I miss a prior discussion about this? Was it buttery? Can you link me?

    I think he was commenting on the original topic of the thread.

  • @thegreck Oh. As in he's looking forward to the upcoming release of this much anticipated feature film? Fair enough.

  • One thing for sure.
    When you take OW apart and see how well it's built, you gain more confidence in it.
    Also, it does help to know how to maintain/fix it,
    rather than having to send it in for every issue.

  • @sonny123 Oh, for sure. I won't be out of warranty until the end of next February, though. As soon as that happens, I'm tearing right into it.

    The idea of voiding the warranty on a $1500 toy doesn't sit well with me.

    EDIT: I might feel differently, but mine has that thing where you have to press the power button to start charging. Nothing else seems to be amiss other than sometimes inaccurate battery level reporting toward the end of a charge. I'm going to wait until the weather goes to shit in November to contact support assuming nothing else goes wrong.

  • I was looking at this one for off road/pump track, it's a little smaller diameter so you'll get some extra torque/pickup and traction. Since I primarily ride on concrete I didn't want to swap back and forth...


  • @parrothd

    Yep, that's something I'd like to experiment with.
    But changing the tire, while a fairly easy process, I'm not sure I'd want to go through the hassle.
    But it'll be interesting to see how it performs for sure.

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