"hoverboard with one wheel"

  • yawwwwwwn "it's like a sport"

    :-1: :-1: :-1: :-1: :-1:

  • "there's really nothing like this in the marketplace"

    sounds like this grandpa didn't get the memo.. Onewheel is here to stay.

  • It's an earned experience.... Not really made for everyone..

    KickStarter might just be a waist of time for the guy

  • Its impossible to ride guys. He is trying to challenge us! Reverse psycology... CEO is about to get the boot! lol

  • That reporter has obviously never tried ow.

    This looks like the toy version of ow....which isn't a bad thing if they can sell it for a few hundred bucks. I might even buy one for my kids because if they can ride that thing lthen graduating to ow will be a breeze.

    I still have yet to meet one person young or old that has learned about ow other than from me. Anything than can educate normal people about current tech is a good thing b

  • Wow, it does look pretty cool, if all the garish lights were turned off and it didn't have that forced cyber look to the grip tape that is. But its apparently the same weight as a Onewheel, even though it looks a lot lighter. If the Onewheel didn't exist Id be well excited about this! It doesn't look like it could be ever as smooth a ride as the Onewheel though, even with some serious learning, I could be wrong though. The experienced riders in the vid still look a bit shaky eh? Fairplay to the guy for kickstarting it, I reckon the more of these devices we have out in the world the better off we all are. I really like the fact that its modular as well. Maybe thats something the Onewheel guys might be inspired to do in the future. But $4000 as the price point!!! Not a chance, it it was $1000 I'd consider maybe getting it. Really bad job on the naming as well! Hard to google and confusing, all the marks of bad branding!

  • Yeah the $4000 makes this a no for me.

    But certain things it has which I wish one wheel had:

    range of 15 miles per charge
    can go 20 mph.
    takes 12 minutest I charge

  • That video was filmed in San Jose, CA!

  • He has priced himself out of the market if that figure of $4k is real

    That's delusional for something which isn't even user friendly or well branded with effectively zero pedigree of prior product development in this space.

    One of the things I really respect about Kyle which I discovered while researching him and FM was his previous work developing Faraday electric bikes. http://cargocollective.com/kdoerksen/About-1

  • "This is for people that can afford half a Jet-Ski" :dizzy_face:

    Even if it was a $100 bucks, you wouldn't catch me dead riding that thing... Colorful LEDs, speakers, a roller blade for a tire... It's clear this senile silicon valley big wig doesn't get it. Plus, it looks like you turn by swiveling your hips -not at all surf/snow/Onewheel. Count me out.

    The more he says, the worse it gets.

  • @utsu said:

    yawwwwwwn "it's like a sport"

    :-1: :-1: :-1: :-1: :-1:

    I thought you were talking about OW for a second there:

    "Onewheel is an entirely new boardsport"

    This new competitor and OW both like to jump onto the "sport" claim.

    If OW didn't exist I would think this was awesome. But the ability to stop and balance completely stationary on the OW sets it apart in the real world which has traffic lights and pedestrians.

    Pricing? gawp! I (and everyone I've spoken to) thought the OW was expensive... Given the price the competition here isn't OW vs Gyro Skate it is 2 x OW vs 1 x Gyro Skate. Personally can't imagine a scenario where 2 OneWheels would not win that comparison. Priced out of my range, couldn't justify 4K, just 2K for the OW was a significant hurdle.

    @TechCrunch website said:

    Robert Bigler invented this gyro skate After selling his robotic automation startup Animatics for a bunch of loot. He had dreamed of a hoverboard and was intent on birthing it into reality. He tells me that if the Kickstarter fails, he’ll just make a few dozen boards for friends and family, then call it quits.


    I would suggest that this is the most likely outcome. To be a serious product he'd need to cut range, speed, weight in order to get the price way down.

  • Actually it'll be really interesting to see if the Kickstarter does work. I reckon it would be a shoe in if the Onewheel didn't exist. With the price point being 4 grand and the Onewheel already being available the odds don't seem to be great though.

  • I'm wondering if he indeed has never heard of the Onewheel...
    If he does, and would have any commercial insight, he should know that it is as crazy as stupid to start a Kickstarter campaign for a product that is this similar...

  • You will not catch me skateboarding on a single giant rollerblade wheel. And if you can somehow manage to ride that 20mph, you better be heading in the general direction of a hospital to save the paramedics some time.

  • I'm gonna guess that this can't go off-roading...

  • he should forget about the idea releasing his own product and try to start working together with FM. Those speed/range claims look very nice.

  • @Leperkonvict said:

    I'm gonna guess that this can't go off-roading...

    Or on-roading for that matter.

  • @Andrew @Banjo Where did you see that the price was $4000?

  • That guys hair makes me want to punch him....and this thing is gonna suck. Way behind in the game, imagine trying to take that POS off road

  • @MichaelW Its in the tech crunch article mate. Second paragraph. @forzabucks Defo, me neither, haha, a giant rollerblade wheel! @OneDream If the kick starter failed it would be pretty cool if he collaborated with OW though, I reckon they could learn a couple of things from this for OW 2.0 :)

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