Battery cells look out of alignment, OW always starting at 95% full

  • I had a "overcharge" event, where I started off down a hill, and since then I've been getting mis-aligned readings from the battery cells. The OW also seems to start at 95% full. I did the overnight charge trying to balance the cells and nothing seemed to change.

    If it means anything, I have one of those plug in and then push the power button to start charge odd steps, been that way for as long as I remember.

    Any fix/ideas here? I did a couple of screenshots to show the battery cell #'s:
    1_1467480030034_Screenshot_20160702-101500.png 0_1467480030032_Screenshot_20160702-101441.png

  • Have the same power button to charge issue. Mine died yesterday reporting 49%, but it had been a long time since I'd run the battery all the way down. One of the cells was reporting a charge of 2.4V, while the others seemed to be right around 3.2V. I'm pretty sure that one low cell set off the low voltage detection. It wouldn't even let me power it off and on and ride a downhill for a regenerative charge.

    I think part of the problem is that when I power it on to charge and leave it for hours to "balance the cells," at some point it powers itself off and stops taking any more current. I can see current continue to trickle in using your app once the charger light turns green, I'm just not sure how long before it powers down and stops balancing the cells. Either that or I have a bad cell. Or maybe my battery reading was just way off since it hadn't been below 60% for a long time. If it starts stranding me with an awkward carrying 35 lb. piece of dead weight on a regular basis, I'm sending it in before the end of the summer for sure. :(

  • If leaving it charged overnight doesn't work, drain the battery 100%, make sure you ride it til it stops, then charge it overnight. This fixes it for me every time, and it's what support recommended as well.

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