Money Back Guarantee??

  • Hey!

    Question. So I plan on getting my one board sometime this month.
    Is there a time-frame of when someone can return the product for whatever reason as long as the board isn't in poor condition?
    (Once I get mine I DEFINITELY do NOT plan on letting it go haha) I'm just curious about the company procedures. I looked over the manual and it wasn't clear if it was the case?

    Can someone shed some light on this?

  • You can resell your onewheel used with most of your 1-year warranty remaining for nearly 100% of its preorder value (unless onewheel delivery times somehow rapidly sped up) so I wouldn't worry too much about reselling your OW, unless you bang it up real, real bad.

  • @Brutha-Man, no such guarantee that I know of.

    However, they seem to be really good at customer support. So if your unhappy and the board is in good condition you should be able to sell on eBay and if you are having issues with the board, they will fix and you can sell the board refurbished. Either way I wouldn't worry about it. You will love it.

  • @Brutha-Man I don't know if you've been watching any of these selling on ebay, but what few are on there are usually used, and going for the same price as a new one. If for some reason the OneWheel isn't for you, it's not like you couldn't sell it for exactly what you paid for it within a week.

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