• Just wondering. As OneWheel evolves and inevitably becomes THE premier board on the market, I'm sure they'll make adjustments (longer range, faster speeds, etc).

    Do you think it'll be something that one could just "update" through an app to get those features? Or send board to HQ to get the fixings? Or just probably have to get a new board?

    (I understand how impossible to know this question is. But was just pondering. )

  • They are touting this board as upgradable due to firmware upgrades unlike so many products where manufacturers are reluctant to upgrade firmware.

    Up to this point future motion has delivered on the firmware upgrade and support promises by really supporting owners in any issues encountered. But it remains to be seen how long these boards will last or if they can be upgraded with replacement parts.

    My guess is that you will be able to replace parts to keep it going but will not be able to upgrade the hardware with better parts because they will put out newer versions that are not compatible with the current version. If I were fm, I'd plan on releasing a new incrementally better product each year. While that would devalue our current boards some, a lot of us would be the first to preorder.

  • Makes sense. I hope they are able to increase the range on this board to at least 10 miles and speed up to 18/20mph.

    It would make it possible for me to reach all of my favorite restaurants in town and make it back home quickly and with the dopeness of the OW.

  • Hopefully there will be a battery upgrade in the future. They need to reach the coveted 20/20 20mph and 20 mile range

  • @DVO @franky
    If they can get to the 20/20 20mph and 20 mile range on this initial version, it will become the best product on the market. Period. No comparison.

    And if anyone can do it, FM can.

    Yes, that is a personal challenge to YOU, creators of OW. 😎

  • @Brutha-Man Are you saying the restaurants are more than 5 or 6 miles away from you? If not, could you bring your charger with you and charge the board while you eat?

  • I could!

    But by restaurant/place in town I'm thinking head to the Taco Bell/gas station that's four-ish miles away. Getting something quick without sitting down. The OneWheeling away

  • If they get 20/20 I'm buying 2020 of them

  • If they create the ability to swap batteries like the latest electric boards coming out, that would make this perfect. Especially, if the fast charging can be done on spare batteries.

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