Tried the OW in a Skatepark (no pix, no video!)

  • I was at a friend's party down in San Diego a few days ago, and near the end of the night a few of us decided that it was a good idea to go to a nearby public skate park and take turns riding my Onewheel. In the dark. Intoxicated. And it was their first time riding. And they were wearing flip-flops.

    But as bad of an idea as it sounds... I'll say this: I did make each of them wear my helmet, and no one fell or got hurt, and IT WAS SO FUN. I definitely want to try it again, maybe sober and when the sun is out next time.

    I haven't skated in a skate park in over 20 years, but as I rode, I felt a lot of my old muscle memory starting to come back. But unlike when I was on a skateboard, it was so cool to be able to have complete control over my speed, and not be a such slave to gravity. Highly recommended.

  • sounds sick. give us a video! :D

  • Awesome. I few videos of me at the skatepark. It is fun but very different on the ramps.

  • @Dude You definitely have to pick and choose which things you ride on. This park didn't have any halfpipes, but I'd probably stay away from them anyway. Berms, moguls, and hills were what I was hitting.

  • @thegreck I agree. The halfpipes are ok but kind of boring due to how you have to ride them.

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