OW Powered On, Will Not Engage/ Balance

  • Had a strange thing happen over the weekend after riding for a bit.... I must have confused the OW by picking it up when on then once on the ground trying to engage when level but it just tipped forward like it was off. I powered it off and back on... Same thing. So lucky I had a ride home and and tried it again after being off for maybe 5 minutes. It worked just fine so far....

    Any Idea on what happened?

  • Do you have the OW app or p0wheel app (android only)?
    You can use the OW app and see if it shows an error. Often, if it's just something to do with powering on in the wrong position etc.. it will tell you if that's the case.
    If you have the p0wheel, it has data on the pad sensors and you can see if the OW sees pressure on both pads so it can turn on when level.

  • This tends to happen whenever you leave the OW on for a period of time without riding it. You just have to simply power it off then back on again. Good to go. Also, people have problems when they power it on while standing on its end vertical. Always power up when on the ground and when its off for awhile power off then back on if you want to be safe. @LidPhones

  • @wr420 & @MichaelW Thank you for the info. Thinking back on my situation I believe I powered it on while not fully on the ground or powered on then lifted it up to move it. I have not had this happen more than once so it is not an issue and likely user error. I use both iOS and Android devices to gain more OW data and I see no hardware or software issues. Thanks again.

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