Tire change! Here is the tutorial..

  • @cocoabeachW1 no I haven't..

  • @njcustom ok, going to give it a go, will report back

  • Thanks for the great tutorial. I haven't seen many people post that they have copied/performed this tire change themselves, with other tips or things to look out for. Share your story if you have done this change and if you would do it again or send it in for the $200 rework (tire, pads, checkup). Thanks!

  • This post is deleted!

  • @cocoabeachW1 crossing my fingers for you.. but im pretty sure I know the outcome..

  • @Wisconsin_53122 I just gave this a go and got held up by a few things. 1. Unplugging the larger square plug, I couldn't for the life of me figure out the mechanism where you "push the black button" as @njcustom instructed. The one youtube video about this didn't specify either. In a classic move I gently forced it with pliers and broke the tab. I have a feeling this isn't the end of the world but it was frustrating. The black button interlocks with the white tab, and it's not really a button, honestly I think it's still awkward to push even knowing where it is, but it's directly on top middle after you pull out the white tab. 2. Removing the tire, even with a set of tire spoons and soapy water, is not easy. No caution was mentioned here, and even though I tried to be gentle with it I scuffed the finish on the inside of the rim which could potentially be problematic when the new tire is on. If anyone out there has a video/tutorial on actually removing the tire where you could see the judo kung fu moves needed to pry off the tire without damaging the rim, I'd love to see. @ashewheeler & @njcustom had me convinced this was easy but it's not the easiest thing if you've never popped a racing tire off a rim.

  • @bensaylor

    It's just easier to take it to a tire shop.
    No worries about the tab, mine broke too and works fine.

  • @bensaylor it sounds like you are whining. Nobody likes a whinny little banjo plucking sissy. You should check yourself before you wreck yourself. I got shooters on onewheels in the streets son. Haha can't wait to push you off your Onewheel into dog $#*@ when I get home! Love you buddy!

  • Any chance someone could elaborate on removing the tire after breaking the bead?

    If the wheel is on its side with the valve stem facing up the bead is broken and the tire will easily smash down towards the floor. The side of the wheel opposite the valve stem side seems to be permanently locked, I got it to slightly separate from the rim by about 1/8" but thats as far as it goes.

    From reading the tutorial it seems like the tire should slide off the wheel from the side opposite the valve stem.

    Any advice or pictures would be very much appreciated!

  • @cmpridy

    This tool may help.
    I haven't tried it.


    Try a tire shop. They'll use the machine and mount the new tire for you.

  • @cmpridy sometimes they can be very stubborn.. try prying around the tire inch by inch with your tire spoon tool.. wd40 will help too..

  • That sounds good, I may just take it down to the tire shop. They said it would only be $10.

    The are some light scratches from the tire spoons. Do you guys think I should sand them down with steel wool before I mount the new one or just have them do it all when I go?

  • @cmpridy

    Nah, I'd leave it.

  • Well, I took it into the tire shop and told me no way they won't touch it. I guess I'll keep at it.

    Can anyone answer these questions?

    1. Does the bead break on both sides?

    2. Does the tire slide down and away from the valve off the rim or the other way around? How it's written in the tutorial is a little confusing.

  • @cmpridy

    The first tire shop I went to, there were 2 elder guys who didn't want to bother.
    The second, was a young guy who just said 10 bucks and gave him $5 tip.
    First time he did it, was little hard as it was slipping but did it couple more times with him,
    and now it's a piece of cake.

    Try a 2 X 4 cut into a square enough to cover the tire and slide down the rim.
    Place it on the tire with a flat plywood on top and jump on it.
    That may pop it off.

    Kinda home made tool similar to the link I posted.

  • Can anyone please let me know of the bead should completely break on BOTH sides of the wheel?

    Like I said above, the bead on one side is completely free, and I can slide/smash the tire from that side all the way down towards the other side.

    The other side I have separated from the side of the rim but I cannot smash down like I can the first side.

    I'm assuming BOTH sides need to be free in order to get it off?

  • @cmpridy what are you using to break the bead?

  • @njcustom

    So, just to be clear, DOES THE BEAD COMPLETEY BREAK OFF BOTH SIDES OF THE TIRE, is my primary question.

    I'm using 18" tire spoons, the first side was no problem (side with the valve).

    The other side won't break, which is why I'm asking the question. It is significantly harder.

    The tutorial says it comes off only one way but the whole breaking the bead and removal part is leaving me with a lot of questions.

  • @cmpridy yes, u need to break the bead on both side, then use the spoons to remove the tire.

  • Thank you!

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