Tire change! Here is the tutorial..

  • Ok guys and gals, here it is.. please feel free to ask questions...!

    Start by removing this door on the bottom.. 2 Allen head screws..

    Next you will have to turn the plastic nut with red paint on it counter clockwise, then you will pull the plug out


    Next you will have to push the white clips down to unlock them, and then press in the black button and pull the harness out..


    Next remove the 3 small Philips head screws on the bottom and the 3 retaining clips ..


    Now put your OW on its side with power button up.. remove the 2 Allen bolts.. flip the board and remove them on the other side..



    Now your wheel should wiggle out..

    Now you will need a valve removal tool. Tire slime comes with one and I do suggest it. I will talk about that later on..


    Time to remove the old tire.. it can be tricky by hand.. a set of tire spoons will help. Do not use screw drivers.. tire spoons are cheap .. or a local bike shop can do it.. but that's money were all trying to save.. if you get spoons try not to scratch up the inside of the rim because you don't want to leak air later on..

    Also make sure when removing the tire the side with the air valve is up.. the tire ONLY comes off in one direction and installs the same way..



  • I forgot to mention...buy a small 4oz bottle of tire slime for 6$... the factory used it and I also recommend it. tire was also bought from tsracing.com they are alot of help if you call.. they sell the Onewheel too so they know what tire you need..

    I highly recommend the same tire.. DO NOT get a treaded tire.. it's dangerous because larger rocks can get jammed and end ending results would not be good.. there probably is a harder compound slick tire with the same size but i never checked. Also I highly recommend staying with vega tires because not all companies make them the exact same size even with the exact same number..

  • Great Tutorial @njcustom ! by the way, why didn't you tried another tire? maybe something more hard if you are riding mainly on concrete? :)

  • So, how was the ride after getting a fresh tire?

  • And all was working well? No calibration needed?

  • @Tartopom I didn't want to mess with tires.. a harder tire would be good but a treaded tire is no good and could be dangerous..

  • @Aaron-Broward-FL it feels much better with a nice new hard tire..

  • @matanm no calibration needed.

  • Great post! and Tutorial! I was wondering if bicycle tire levers would work. Seems pretty straight forward for the diy individual who doesn't want their OneWheel held hostage for 3 weeks or more for minor maintenance.

  • @njcustom don't know about that... I know 3 people who have the Chinese knockoff called trotter and it comes with a threaded tyre, doesn't seems to cause any issue even off-road :-)

  • @lieutenantglorp if they are metal they should work.. they need to be long too for the leverage..

  • @Tartopom think about it.. a large rock jammed in between the tread and deck.. what's going to happen? It happens with the slick once in a while..

  • It's great you were able to change the tire yourself.
    When I did mine, I gave up after couple attempts and went to a tire shop.
    Good job.

  • It's funny to me that so many are caught up wanting a treaded tire. What do you think you'll gain from tread? Are you losing traction with the slick? To me it's as irrelevant as the color of vinyl wrap that you choose...no way it would make for a better riding experience.

  • @jordo thank you

  • @sonny123 I've done so many tires it's not to bad for me.. but it is tricky for someone who's never done it..

  • @jordo said in Tire change! Here is the tutorial..:

    It's funny to me that so many are caught up wanting a treaded tire. What do you think you'll gain from tread? Are you losing traction with the slick? To me it's as irrelevant as the color of vinyl wrap that you choose...no way it would make for a better riding experience.

    When i ride on the dirt pump track i lose traction and the wheel spins.

  • @parrothd No amount of tread will change that. It's because there's only one wheel, so you're basically riding on a pivot point. Just have to adapt and expect the unexpected.

  • @thegreck you read my mind lol

  • Nice tutorial! I have taken mine apart down to every nut and bolt, but never a tire change. Perhaps the most important thing to note is that there are 2 cables that have the same fitting on them, I pulled mine apart to quickly, and failed to note which cable went into which socket. It is easy, IF you know. The cable and plug which is yellow, goes into the socket which is yellow. Seems simple, but are you willing to cook $1500 just because you assume that and find you are incorrect?

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