Tire change! Here is the tutorial..

  • @Jeff I stripped one of those screws that holds the wire bracket and delayed the project by 1-2 hours of profanity and questioning my existence.

  • @Hubbitron I did the exact same thing. You can still remove the wheel without removing that plate though.

    I'm stuck on remounting my new tire onto the rim. I can't get the second lip up and over the rim. I don't have too many tools, just screw drivers and hex keys. Anyone have any suggestion? All the youtube tutorials I find make it look so easy, but the Vega tire is really stiff and hard to flex or bend.

    0_1488750528390_tire halfway on.jpg

  • @blankets buy tire spoons, they're cheap

  • @njcustom I saw that you recommended tire spoons in your original post. What technique do you use exactly? When I tried to use a flat head screw driver as a tire spoon, the tire would just move around towards where I was applying pressure. I couldn't really work my way around the tire and flip each section of the bead underneath the rim. Do you have a tire spoon to hold the tire steady in one hand, then work your way around the tire with a second spoon?

  • @blankets you need 2 spoons.. one to hold in place so the tire doesn't spin and the other to pry down and around the tire..If you can get the tire bead in that notch in the rim below the rims bead it will be easier too.. I use my knees to help me lol

  • @njcustom Haha ok, I think I see what you're saying. Sorry, what notch in the rim are you referring to? I'm going to order a set of spoons, probably these guys, and I'll make another post after they arrive. Appreciate the help!

  • @blankets lol by notch I mean the lowest point on the inside of the rim. It's goes all the way around.. its also the same reason the tire can only go on and off in one direction.. also lube the tire real good...Wd40 works great or dish soap water lol

  • @blankets

    How did you break the bead?
    I thought that should be the toughest part.

  • @sonny123 When I was taking off the tire I used a pretty unorthodox method, but it was inspired by this technique. I used a stool. I set the wheel on the ground, and placed one of the legs of the stool on the bead of the tire, then put all my weight on the stool to break the bead. That part was easy. The harder part was actually removing the tire once it was loose from the rim. I had to use a flat head screw driver work the tire up and out, and I even resorted to cutting parts of the tire with pliers. Hopefully, tire spoons will make that process easier in the future.

  • @blankets I used my kitchen table!

  • @njcustom I got the tire spoons and they worked! It was much easier to get the bead onto the rim.

    New problem though: the tire doesn't seem to want to inflate all the way. I went to a gas station and used their free air to inflate to 20 psi. The bead just won't inflate to the edge of the rim. Should I buy slime and try to inflate again? The wet part of the tire is windex; I thought that would help the tire inflate smoothly...

    0_1488989256893_cant inflate.jpg

  • @blankets

    You need lots of pressure.
    Guy at the tire shop had a hard time too.
    Then he used another hose with stronger pressure and boy, when that thing popped,
    I was like YAY...

  • @blankets spray the bead with Wd40 to help it slide on, not windex...Then use alot of air.. I once had to use 60+ psi to get it on.. it might balloon a little but that's OK.. also you will need to remove the valves internals. The air goes in much faster with it out.. you will need the special tool for that.. couple bucks at Walmart or auto part store

  • @njcustom It's been a few months but I just got around to trying 60+ PSI and you were right, that set the bead nicely! The hard part was actually finding a shop that was willing to inflate the tire to 60 PSI, since most shops actually turned me away. Mr. Tire ended up doing it for free for me. Thanks again.

  • @blankets glad it worked out for you..

  • Thanks so much for your guidance!

    I finally did my first tire at home with metal framed wood clamp to break bead, spoons and soapy water for removal, lube(i used wd40) to install new tire via pinning rim with carpet in vice while using WuTang tiger hand technique, then compressor pump until pops (Make Sure Bead past Valve). Deflate below 20 then inflate to your preference. Remount and Ride.
    Thanks again for tutorial!

  • Wishing I had the skills (and patience) to do my own tire change!

  • @groovyruvy It takes less time than sending it back to OW.

  • I'm about to upgrade to Hoosier. I read somewhere else another tip for not damaging the rim while using the tire spoons is to use a piece of leather between the spoons and the rim. Seems like a good idea.

  • @njcustom

    I think a treaded tire would be worth trying in some conditions, such as in Canada or Alaska where packed snow and ice are unavoidable. A treaded tire would definitely provided helpful traction for that, just like snow tires for cars do.

    However, I agree that the majority of onewheelers would not really benefit from a treaded tire.

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