Tire change! Here is the tutorial..

  • You will need a compressor.. a bike pump won't work

  • Hey everyone, thanks again for your helpful replies.

    I kinda figured a bike pump wouldn't do it, but I don't have an air compressor so here's what I did. I lubed the crap out of it with some dish soap and took it to a gas station this AM. I inflated it WAY up to like 55 and POP! one side seated. I let all the air out, reapplied more lube and inflated it again, pushing to 60. POP! the other side went in (just about gave me a heart attack!). So it's seated.

    Here's my new dilemma. Somewhere during all this, I pulled the little round 5 pin / 6 pin (whatever) plug clean off the wire. I think that's for the foot pads. My plan is to try and get it apart and hopefully I'll be able to figure out which wire to which pin.

    I'm way outta warranty territory now, LOL. Anyway, thanks again for your posts. I honestly didn't expect to have to inflate it soooo much, but hopefully, it's a good lesson for those who post after me. 60lbs or so seemed to do it (just when you think the dang thing is gonna blow up!).

    Cheers, and happy riding.

  • @kazdoom what happen to the issue with the pins?

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