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  • Disclaimer: Man I've been thinking about this a lot lately. This started as a top 5 list and then just got out of control. I love that the Onewheel guys put up this forum category. Without constant innovation and improvement most start-up businesses fail...especially in today's marketplace. This makes me think that Onewheel HQ is already working on a lot of the stuff on this list...and more perhaps. What does the future of Future Motion hold? First off, for the record, I dig the Onewheel. It rides like a dream. Few products live up to the hype, the Onewheel delivers. Very much on the Pro-Onewheel side of the aisle. All you anti-Onewheel heretics and carpetbaggin' sons of b!tch35 can go STRAIGHT TO HE11!

    So...here's most of the stuff on my wish list in complete chaos...AKA no particular order. Many of these items could be implemented on existing boards through firmware updates or replacement parts. Also, Onewheel guys, I'd happily test and offer feedback if any of these things...or others, are ever considered by your R&D department.

    1. A 3 yr/3000 mile warranty...retroactive to all Onewheel owners. Come on Onewheel HQ...you're charging $1500!

    2. Security Features: An effective security feature on a smart device is an easy no-brainer. Either a LOJACK type GPS tag for the board or a firmware bluetooth tracking sub-program that pings Onewheel HQ with the location and phone number of the phone that is linked to it. If your board is reported stolen, Onewheel HQ would know exactly where it is and who has it if/when the thief uses the app. A built in, wrap-around board lock for locking to poles, benches, desks, etc. Stolen Onewheel Alerts within the Onewheel community. Email alerts sent to voluntarily subscribed Onewheelers. A MIA Onewheel forum category to post intel on stolen boards.

    3. A firmware update that allows more riding options: Beginner setting for demos and balance-challenged riders (slower accel, 8ish mph top speed), Classic, Elevated, Extreme, and INSANE!

    4. App functionality: An app that can be opened and used without a Onewheel. As it is now, you can't even access the app without a Onewheel nearby. You don't attract new customers by putting up a velvet rope, closing the doors, and telling everyone that they're not on the list. You draw them in by showing them the free Onewheel app with all of its awesome features and everything that they are missing..all they need is a Onewheel. I'd like to see improved App functionality that offers more info and links to the phone's GPS with a rolling odometer showing past ride logs, total miles/km odometer, elevation changes, route taken, calories burned, etc. There are other sports related apps that do this, I would just like to see it integrated into the Onewheel App. Also, a smartphone blue-tooth service data link, monitor, and trouble shooter to help with diagnostic testing and self-servicing. This could reduce returns for service and save Onewheelers a TON of cash in shipping charges.

    5. Tire options: Different shapes of tires would offer different rides; thinner tire, rounder tire, lighter airless tire, treaded or studded tire, or MONSTER TRUCK tire. Whitewalls, spinning rims, tires with designs that glow under UV LED lights. Dual tires capable of counter rotation for tighter turns, instant reverts...a blatant violation of the Onewheel prime directive.

    6. Footpad/Deck Options: Concave footpads (I understand that this would require a pressure pad redesign but a more concave surface would increase responsiveness and control as well as reduce foot fatigue.). Perhaps a front footpad with a modified break-away freeboard foot bracket for bumpy or offroad terrain. Rear Flip-up footpad with replaceable battery pack. An adjustable, twist-able, deck for a looser feel and more tuning options. A folding deck hinged at the axle to decrease overall profile.

    7. Swappable battery packs...under a locking, flip-up rear footpad. Offer a kit to update old boards.

    8. Increased range/Longer battery life via a lighter board and tire, and stronger batteries.

    9. Terrain slope sensing to allow for steeper hill climbs without switching to Elevated mode. The board would sense the rising terrain ahead and when needed automatically and temporarily switch to Elevated mode thereby raising the nose to avoid uphill front end scrapes. Fewer nosedives = happier riders.

    10. Onewheel: Now available in Classic Boxy and New Curvy body styles...a more helical design, not skateboard shape.

    11. Vibrating Pushback when nearing max speed and vibration pulses for 25%, 10%, and 5% remaining battery life.

    12. Owner upgrade options/kits with How To video instructions on Youtube to: Change out tires, change out footpads, increase or decrease board flex/twist, change out battery packs, change/upgrade motor, etc.

    13. A vertical axis rotating, spring-centered axle that would allow the wheel to turn slightly inside the board. The board would ride normally but when you torqued your hips the board would go off center briefly then the springs would slide it back to center. This would allow for a more snowboard-like, drifty feel to the ride. Again, this would require a major board redesign with a circular center slot for the wheel...not sure if it's even feasible.

    14. Magnetic mounted tire brushes to clean away road debris embedded in the tire. I'm sure everyone has had to stop because of the scraping noise or the thump, thump, thump of embedded debris.

    15. Aesthetic options...I'm perfectly happy with mine as is, but for those who want to personalize their boards...without reaching Bedazzled levels: More colors, more fender designs and colors, LED lighting kits, whitewall tires, spinning rims, rear spoiler, mud flaps, etc.

    16. Bumper guards with rollers or wheels at the corners to prevent front edge catches and nose dives.

    17. EZ Charging Dock: A wavy plywood stand with a flexiwhip magnetic XLR connector that plugs into your existing ultracharger.

    18. A Onewheel style wheelchair with side wheel stabilizers for disabled persons and paraplegics. For safety, it would only go forward and turn. This would just be really, really cool.

    19. Marketing: Better use of the Onewheel Youtube channel. Onewheel videos are to Onewheelers like porn it to everyone else. I watch when I can't ride. There are some great videos on Youtube...and then there are the rest. Put down the selfie stick and step away from the Onewheel. And please...don't talk...you're ruining it for me. I want to see how people ride, where they ride, and what they are doing on a Onewheel, not what the back of their knees and that dog's rear end look like. Onewheel HQ needs to put out some more professionally done videos...because I need to watch more commercials for something I already own. Also, a monthly ride show with guest skater/snowboarders/surfers/wakeboarders/whatever would be oh so cool: Hawk, White, Burnquist, Hight, Norendal, Jones...ride and interview. I bet they'd do it for a free Onewheel.

    20. Marketing: What about a Onewheel marching band-like video? Dozens of Onewheelers riding in synch. That could go viral....under the proper tutelage of a seasoned maestro. I offer my services...minor side note, I know nothing about band stuff, marching, synchronized swimming, the use of cameras or drones, giving direction, or taking orders for that matter. "Every time Mestler says, 'Lead, follow, or get out of the way'...I get out of the way."

    21. Marketing: More of a presence in parades, at local festivals, concert-festivals, county and state fairs, etc. I have yet to see a Onewheel booth at any outdoor event that I have attended. Send email alerts with a coupon for a free checkup and box lunch to local Onewheelers. More people at the Onewheel booth would increase foot traffic, image, exposure, customer relations, sales, and interest. Video highlights and ride on Youtube.

    22. Marketing: A dog riding a Onewheel. Seriously! Somebody get on this. I want to see a dog cruising and carving on a Onewheel. I'm pretty sure Onewheel HQ will gladly make paw pads if you can train your dog to ride. If your dog has the aptitude, make it so. Again...viral video.

    No animals were harmed in the making of this wish list...except me.

  • Man you can type lol

  • Dude, you missed the single most needed option. Most are silly or pie in the sky, but a replaceable battery is certainly the #1 need in my opinion...

  • Ah, Sorry, number one should be a cup holder.

  • @Count So, what did he miss?

  • germx, My bad... He does have that under #7. Nothing would increase my riding experience more than the ability to ride longer... I clearly missed that on my cursory review of his well thought out list!

  • I would like to be able to reach down and tap something while riding to change into and out of elevated. And toggle lights (at least while its stopped for the lights)

  • I disagree. I believe too many OW videos lose my interest because they are the same long form OW selfie of the wheel on terrain without narration. Once I fully recover, I plan on routinely putting out videos with plenty of me talking while OWing through interesting places.

  • @Count I thought so ;)
    I would love some extra range as well. Hot swap battery or external power-source of some kind. External works, but I've found no good option for me so far (the stuff on amazon won't ship here).

  • 5 through 9 are changes I wish for on a daily basis, especially #5. No other one-wheeled vehicle (as far as I know) has a flat tire, I hopefully the next iteration uses a mini-bike tire or something completely custom made.

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