Another Temporary Fender DiY

  • Inspired by the other diy posts, I decided to make a temporary while I was waiting to finish my own carbon fender. I had the scrap already of flexible tubing, clothesline, metal coat hanger and 1/16 plastic. The plastic acts as a spring to hold it in place. It's still a little rough but I like it! I have not tested off road yet, but works great on the street to keep the pebbles off :-)

    0_1467995000875_20160708_084917 (Medium).jpg

    0_1467995016985_20160708_084935 (Medium).jpg

    0_1467995032584_20160708_084952 (Medium).jpg

    0_1467995047800_20160708_085042 (Medium).jpg

  • Nice! I like that it's clear. Looks like the plastic is just a simple rectangle - held in place by the line. Simple & effective. Does it stuff easily into a backpack?

    It's funny, because I have a OEM fender from OW but I never use it. I prefer to just slide on my DYI version as needed & ride with the exposed wheel the rest of the time.

  • I like the coat hanger in the bolt hole trick too. Does it stay on well?

  • Stays on well while riding. I knocked it off a couple times during dismount from bumping it with my foot. I think if I put something to hold the ends where it sits on the board, maybe that wouldn't happen. I will try some Velcro or something.

  • Would easily fit in a backpack

  • I added velcro strips and now it's super secure, yet still quickly removable. Hope to finish my carbon fender soon, but this thing still works great! Surprising though how little clearance there is between the wheel and deck, but I guess that helps to kick off pebbles of any significant size.

    0_1469137999362_20160718_131825 (Medium).jpg

    0_1469138012007_20160718_131853 (Medium).jpg

  • "Pebbles of significant size" :) good band name

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