Riding in Airports

  • I've read about the FM team riding their Onewheels to their gates in airports, but I can't believe the airport cops/staff allow this. Believe me, I want to try it myself, but I feel like I would get stopped and chastised in about 2 seconds. What is everyone's experience with this?

  • While I haven't had any experience with this, I generally feel that riding a onewheel indoors is a problem. Just as riding a skateboard would be... frowned upon. I wouldn't be confident to ride it in an airport, or other public indoor place. Maybe it's a cultural thing.

  • I sent my board through the x-ray and the TSA agent said to me, "What is this?" when I told him he said "show me how it works". I powered up the board and rode down the concourse and back, returning to clapping and cheers as I dismounted at the x-ray machine. The whole TSA crew stopped working just to watch me ride. Super fun to ride in the airport at the request of the TSA. FYI the airport was GRR (Grand Rapids, MI)

  • Similar experience to Jim. Have been asked to demo a few times and always get a great reaction, but dont feel comfortable riding indoors in public places like malls or airports.

  • Jim! were you visiting Grand Rapids or coming home? I'm from Grand Haven, about 30 min. from GR but I go to grand rapids often on weekends to hang out with freinds and such. If your reside there would you wanna ride around the city sometime?! Id love to ride with someone sometime but cant find anybody else around with one!

  • @SkateFirst.SamT Hi Sam, I use to have a place in Douglas, MI but recently relocated to Colorado. I am back to MI often so I will ping you next time I am in town and we can go riding. I now have two onewheel's for even more fun riding!

  • I've gotten the chance to ride in an airport after TSA asked to see it work. Or maybe I asked TSA if the wanted to see it work :)
    They agreed and I rode all the way to my terminal. Then I skated around the terminal to get a snack. I even practiced that 180 spin until the plane came. I skated laps at the baggage claim area. I was lucky as everyone including security was too confused or amazed to stop me and by the time they figured it out, I was long gone. They will catch on soon enough so be careful...you don't want to miss your flight.

  • @jim Sounds great. do you have any regrets about buying a second onewheel? Ive been considering it but not sure if its very necessary for me right now

  • @SkateFirst.SamT Sam, no regrets in buying a second onewheel. It's 10x more fun to have your buddies go riding with you! I am actually considering getting a third board for even more fun...

  • wow that sounds awesome Jim. I can see how fun it would be riding with friends, that's why I was interested. Some of my buddies seem pretty set on getting one so I'm looking forward to that but it would be great to have a spare for cruising with a friend. I haven't found anyone around me with one to ride with yet so I'm stoked to try riding with other people! (If anyone is in Michigan or around Grand Rapids, Muskegon, Holland I'm down to wheel)

  • theres a board on eBay right now. I had three pledges but ended up selling one to my friend. I still have two:


    Def good times to go out with a friend!

  • Dr. Seuss:satisfied:

  • I've taken my Onewheel for a spin through customs at Heathrow in London and was received with a lot of enthusiasm and envy from the customs agents and flight crews. Similar experience in Dallas Fort-Worth with the exception of a TSA agent who told me I was not allowed to ride it, but no one actually had a problem with me doing so. :sunglasses:

  • Riding in airports is the BEST!!! One of those winning at life moments while cruising past all the burdened pedestrians... We just want to stress that we should all practice caution in airports while riding because it only takes once incident to ruin airport riding for all of us. Be safe! Have fun!

  • I don't have the balls to ride this through an airport....yet.

  • @forzabucks , not sure I would either. If I did, I'd probably turn the lights off and ride real slow and act like it was totally normal. With the alternative being lugging the thing around it would at least be a tough choice.

  • @Franky Lights off for sure. I'd probably tug along a dog that wears a therapy-certified vest just for insurance.

  • I'm carrying mine onto my flight I have today. I will let you know how things go

  • @j-glide if you're not riding around the airport, I'll be shocked knowing you!

  • @J-Glide
    Using a bag? If so let me know about the overhead storage capabilities. Thanks

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