Riding in Airports

  • @j-glide if you're not riding around the airport, I'll be shocked knowing you!

  • @J-Glide
    Using a bag? If so let me know about the overhead storage capabilities. Thanks

  • @DocBlock I'm not planning on using a bag. I hope all goes well

  • @veryous you do know me. Haha....
    I promise not to mess it up for the rest of us though.

  • Can't wait for my first travels with the onewheel.😃

  • Rode right out of the security check and right to my gate with no issues. Lots and lots of envious looks though! This was in Salt Lake City air port. I'm in a puddle jumper plane, and it fits nicly on the floor between my feet. It wouldn't fit in the smaller overhead bin. image.jpg

  • BTW..... As I'm checking into the airport, I got a call from jack asking if I wanna go for a ride with him and the crew here in salt lake. Argh!!!!!!! Why is my flight today?????

  • I rode in the Los Angeles airport with no problem and also in the Columbus Ohio airport. I will say I stayed away from riding it next to the x ray machines and the TSA but once I got to a safe range I rode the Onewheel and dragged my bag and another behind me. My wife got video... Maybe I will post later. How are other people doing with this?

  • Carried on round trip between Miami and San Fran. No issues at all, and rode through the Miami airport with no issues, beyond really focusing on my balance as i was wearing a very heavy backpack.

    The only advice I will give is be sure to board your plane early, as this thing definitely takes up more room than a standard bag. Also, be sure to keep your eye on it as the rest of the plane boards, as people will think it's something that they can move around to try to cram their bag in.

  • Hey guys,

    I'm about to go on a trip from JFK to Cancun. Anybody taken their Onewheel to Mexico yet? A little nervous since they probably won't know what it is and the last thing I want is to have to leave it there :( :( :( Any suggestions and tips would be awesome!

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