OW fits on Burton Day Hiker Pro (28L)!

  • I've been looking for a stock backpack which I can quickly & easily attach the OW to AND is comfortable & functional when I'm riding (99% of the time) instead of carrying.

    I finally found a Burton snowboard day pack with long enough straps to handle the OW - even if the pack is fully loaded. It's also a nice pack - lots of great features. I reinforced the plastic buckles on the bottom strap with metal rappel rings (because plastic breaks & I'm a crafty climber).

    Here's the pack... you might want to try it at a Burton store first.

    And a link to it on Amazon...

    Here's some detail on the rappel rings I added. You can use 2 together to create an adjustable system for flat webbing (straps) - not as convenient as plastic buckles but light weight & virtually unbreakable.

    I kept the plastic buckles too simply because I am lazy & they look nice- they are not under load at all. I did not reinforce the upper strap, as it's under light load. If I wanted to do a serious hike with the OW on this pack, I'd add a loop around the OW to the top handle on the pack... but that's overkill for daily use IMHO.

    You can get Rappel rings in various colors on Amazon and elsewhere... I recommend the climbing variants which are super light weight not the hardware store versions which are heavy.

    Want cheaper?
    I love cheap do-it-yourself projects, but this isn't one :)

    If you want to make your own backpack attachment, see my other thread...

    or this one from @thegreck

  • very nice, this is exactly what I am looking for - could you please post 2-3 pics with the ow attached?

    does it feel like it would handle the weight over time?

  • Here's some pics. I'm using a homemade strap with biner to the top handle to keep it positioned closer to my body at the top- and also as a backup in case the top plastic buckle does snap. I replaced the weight bearing buckle on the bottom with metal as described above.

    These pics are all with an empty pack, but I also tried it on a fully loaded pack at the store with no problem - just let out the side compression straps. I ran up & down the stairs with it a couple times - using the stock plastic buckles - with no incident.

    The Burton guys said it's made for hauling a snowboard which is lighter than a OW but still substantial. The straps & pack appear to be well made & sewn in to strong points. There is a side strap for adjusting or compressing too, so it seems ideal.

    Will it last? Ask me again in a year :-)

    4_1468247888293_image.jpeg 3_1468247888293_image.jpeg 2_1468247888293_image.jpeg 1_1468247888292_image.jpeg 0_1468247888292_image.jpeg

  • And yes that is my dog's butt in the last photo :-)

  • @jeff8v7: thanks man!

  • No doubt the best that can be done with stock gear but leaves the center of gravity way out in space and generally nobody likes carrying a load like that for very long. Ideally it would be frame rail against the back tilted at an angle so the frame goes across one shoulder, but of course nothing stock is going to do that very well.

  • @SeaP90d I hadn't considered putting the OW frame rail against my spine. Interesting idea, but I think that would be pretty uncomfortable.

    I'd have to measure, but I think the OW is 9" wide & 11.5" tall. So you could get the center of gravity (assuming it's in the center) 1.25" closer to a flat surface... but taking into account the curvature of my spine, it might be a wash... :)

    The tire resting against the back is actually not bad. It feels about as comfortable as my climbing pack when it's loaded with the same weight in gear - which means it feels heavy & uncomfortable :)

  • Hey, I know this is an old post but I don't quite understand how you attached the metal rings. Could you expand on that a bit? Thanks!

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