I was Getting a little too ROWDY ?!?!?!

  • So after riding on the fourth of july ,everything was normal . I charged it up yesterday and went to ride it this mornng . It does not engage and start to roll. I feel the motor for about a second try and balance then it just turns off The light is still on but the wheel will roll as if it is completely off . The app will still tell me all info if I push it even tells me the speed for a second . Has anyone else ever seen this ???0_1468133414511_IMG_2395.jpg

  • @mranderson I'm thinking this could be a bad sensor. I know you've always had the issue with the motor staying engaged a bit too long after jumping off, and the sensor was probably bad from the start. Now it's just died completely, so it's no longer properly registering when you're on the board.

    This could possibly be fixed with new foot pads, which you can order and install yourself. And FM will likely replace those if you send it in, anyway. Could save you some time if that's the issue.

  • Well after some communications this week . I am sending the whole board in to have them look at it .

  • @mranderson Keep us updated with what they say the problem is and how long it takes to get back to you.

  • I also had my board die recently.
    Sunday 10th. - OW dies
    Monday 11th. - Contact FM - went through troubleshooting.
    Received shipping label Monday evening and drop at
    Wednesday 13th 11:30am - OW arrives at FM.

    They have been great so far.
    Hoping to get it back by this weekend. I'm 30minutes from the factory and no, they would not let me come to the factory and pick it up.:(

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