Onewheel coupon

  • Bought a one wheel and want to get a fender. Anyone know of any coupon codes or free shipping coupons? This thing rocks!

  • How about a magnetic fender? 😉😉

  • Even $85 for the stock one seems too much

  • @jtmajors absolutely to much for a sheet of plastic.. but my magnetic fenders are carbon fiber .. it's not cheap stuff.. Im not trying to force anything on anyone..just want to inform..

  • I'll design a 3d printable fender next week when I get my onewheel. I'll update here with the cost for a print from shapeways if you're looking for a cheaper option.

  • @Ray I would love the (stl file) when you do. I am printing @Tartopom 's fender as well. At least after I fix my Printer. Bed Level issue I keep fighting with.

  • @Dude I'll chuck it on Thingiverse as well. I was going to use @Tartopom 's fender as a starting point and fill in the gap... Will need a join in the middle to print on an 8x8x8 printer.

    Yeah, bed levelling is nasty. My first experience with printing was 3 years ago and was mostly frustration. I got the Da Vinci for myself a few months ago, mainly for the auto levelling.

  • I love any innovative thinking, but it will be difficult to 3D print this fender, in any manner that even approaches the quality of the ones njcustom makes, and I doubt it can be done at a better price. Due to the nature of 3D printing, I just cant imagine it being durable enough. I have one from njcustom, and one from FM, and the difference is significant, and nj's are well worth the price... However, I wish you the best of luck!

  • @Count I agree, njcustom's fenders look amazing. It's more of an interesting project than anything else. It is possible to get aluminium prints from Shapeways, although the cost would be pretty high for a whole fender.

  • Hey all, I've been stuffing around with the fender stl files for a while now without much to show. Will need to be printed in 3 parts, and will probably be impractical and flimsy. Anyway, I'm off on vacation for a month, so I'll do my first print when I return.

  • @njcustom NJ Custom is a carbon fiber fabricator and a sales guy! Love it!

  • Although I rarely see FM coupons for any purchase or accessory, I can say that the Onewheel AZ members love Rambo Fenders. IMO the best way to score a cheap or free fender is to participate in the Onewheel groups where the vendors are always running contests and giveaways.

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