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  • If you have not realized it yet, I am a bit of an attention whore. I love being the first person to have something cool, and love modifying or inventing new things. As you may recall, I am very close to finalizing my external battery project, and you will see some of that in my photos to follow. However, I got side tracked with my newest project, which has been a resounding success! Even the people who have seen me on the beach with my OneWheel before were absolutely mesmerized by my latest project, which I just tested today. I had several reasons for developing this, most importantly to have cold beer available while riding on the beach, but also for a place to carry sunscreen, cell phone (to play tunes through my bluetooth speaker which I mount on the fender-not shown in these photos) and ultimately to be the home of my back-up battery for the OneWheel.

    As any of you know, taking anything along with you while OneWheeling can be challenging. I introduce the OneWheel Trailer/cooler. I obtained a small-medium Coleman cooler, and mounted a set of the widest skateboard trucks I could find, and added a set of the largest 4 urathane off road skateboard wheels and tires I could find. I devised a tow bar, which after several failures works fantastic, all while serving as a conduit for the battery cables I intend to use for my back up/replacement battery project, which is near completion. As you review my photos, note that I used high quality "rod ends" to provide low-friction steering, and a somewhat flexible CPVC pipe which connects the OneWheel to the cooler/trailer, while allowing the battery cables to pass inside.

    You will see a coiled cable lock mounted on the side, which I have mentioned before. However, the real accomplishment, in my opinion, is that I opened up the battery box, and was able to add some wire cables which externally can be connected/disconnected, to ultimately allow the easy installation of an external battery. That is a whole other story, which I will share once complete, but I am trying to explain what you are seeing. (sorry, not having luck posting photos, will try again)

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  • Looking forward to the photos and more details on this project. I have had the best luck posting photos if they are 500 by 500 pixel resolution.

  • @Count looking forward to photos too. From an iPhone, I usually snap the photos and mail them to myself as "small" images. Download these from the email to photos, and they'll upload just fine to the forum.

  • Screen shot your picture then crop it .. that's what I do..

  • @njcustom @Count I started having issues even when trying to upload a screenshot version, where it would tell me it was too big. So I downloaded an app called Image Size which I use to downsize all my pix now.

    It's a pain, and I really wish they'd fix this issue. I mean, every photo is basically free advertising for them! What's the deal? What year is this? The site should have to ability to downsize photos on its own, for sure.

  • @thegreck hahahahaa yes I agree..

  • I use my phone and email myself a smaller size.

  • I also use my phone and email myself a smaller size. Today even that wouldn't work so I had to do that, drop those pics onto the desk top, blow them up, then take a screen shot and drop that file in! lol... I don't give up easily....

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  • 6_1468373723163_IMG_0742.jpg 5_1468373723162_IMG_0741.jpg 4_1468373723160_IMG_0740.jpg 3_1468373723160_IMG_0739.jpg 2_1468373723159_IMG_0738.jpg 1_1468373723158_IMG_0737.jpg 0_1468373723157_IMG_0736.jpg

  • Finally I got it! Pics uploaded. I have been test riding and as somewhat of a perfectionist, I still have some kinks to work out. I took it on the golf course yesterday, and got a really great response from everyone! It tends to like to trail to the left or right, and I need to make the front wheels and truck work on some type of pivot point, so the trailer trails directly behind. It is no issue, except in tight quarters. I think you can see my thinking on the external battery. The hard part is done, which was rewiring the existing battery box and tapping the main battery input to make it externally switchable or plugable). There was virtually no extra room in the battery box, so I had to really innovate to get it done, but I got it all back together, and resealed it so it is again waterproof.

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  • @count got any pics of the inside of the controller?

  • maybe some video. I'll check...

  • Thanks, I killed my OW at the beach the other day and I noticed that there was something knocking around in there when I had it apart drying it out. I didn't take the cover off cause it's under warranty so I'm wondering what was making the noise, and if it's normal or not.

  • Might as well stick a six pack in there.

  • WR420: There is a cover in front of the control box (on the opposite side of the battery, under the touch pads). This cover comes off with 2 screws, and can be done without voiding anything, as it is simply a cover. Mine accumulated all kinds of sand and pebbles in there. Perhaps you picked up something in there. Super easy to take this cover off, and I blast the area out with compressed air. Just a thought...

    FWIW, when you open the control box or the battery box, there ARE security tabs which tear (which is the intention), so don't open those unless you are comfortable in there, and comfortable with chancing the voiding of the warranty.

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