Downhill of the Death story

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    I actually wish I would have taken the picture a day later when the cut on my hip turned into a 8 inch by 4 inch bruise and the 3 road Rashed patches began to drain fluid then turned into scabs and started bleeding. One minute I was going + 15 mph the next, my face was sliding into pavement.... Good thing I had the helmet and wrist guards. Wish I had the elbow pads.

  • @Aaron-Broward-FL you are correct.. failure is one of 2 things.. you pushed the limits of the motor or the sensor was disengaged..

  • You missed one, njcustom! I have taken some good spills as a result of the battery dying... No warning, it just dies, the nose dives and digs in, and I go flying. I am working on an audible battery monitor, which will beep when the battery reached a certain voltage. The tough part will be determining what the exact voltage actually is that causes the OneWheel to turn off. I foresee a few bruises in my future!

  • Downhill of the death video here(part one):
    @njcustom sorry dude I haven't had time to edit the nosedive slowmo...
    I'm waiting for all your comments about this happy ending ;)

  • @fabuz Ouch, I see Pain...

  • @fabuz Wow, you were going fast! I think you hit the speed limit there 😬 Looks like a pretty steep decline too!

  • Looks as if you went past the "pushback" .. I could be wrong

  • @fabuz That might be the fastest I've seen anyone ride that thing! Gnarly fall, too. Looks like you may have hit the limit then over corrected.

  • Is it possible you overcharged it? When going downhill, if you keep going when you're already at 100% power, it'll just shut off.

  • @No He had said he was at 20%, but you have to be braking to charge down hill, and he was pushing it the whole way.

  • @fabuz Dude, even though I knew what was coming at the end I watched the whole vid just enjoying the SPEED that you always make look effortless. Glad you're ok bro!

  • @njcustom said in Downhill of the Death story:

    Looks as if you went past the "pushback" .. I could be wrong

    I think that you're right man.the problem is that when the PushBack is coming , the board tilt forward and eject me so ,this is very dangerous, I would have prefered that the board slide on his back....
    To conclude, I hope that this video show to the community the limits of the board riding downhill(can't explain all my feelings about that due to the langage barrier)and for those who wants the board goes faster, they must be crazier than I am ;)

  • @fabuz I've had mine up to 21mph lol its scary.. I try to hang my weight to the backside so if anything happens it tail slides.. breaking past pushback isnt easy.. it takes alot of practice and balance.. once you're past pushback "you're" doing most of the balancing..

  • @njcustom I've been beyond 20mph myself, and hitting the pavement at that speed sucks! And I hit prepared, literally jumping from the board and bracing for a hard, hard impact. @fabuz obviously had no warning or time to brace for impact, and that's an unpleasant surprise that I wouldn't wish on any rider.

  • @Code-ster at those speeds i would want to wear motor cycle crash armor but then you don't, look as cool :)

  • @fabuz sick video. That downhill and your battle wounds are epic. In my opinion the board just doesn't perform as well, or as expected, once you go past pushback. Looks like you were pushing max speed, and just before the wipe you pressed the nose a bit and the board couldn't level up because past pushback you're doing most of the balancing on your own and the board loses some of its self-leveling abilities. Only way I know to get out of those situations is to lean back just a little and let the board slow to just below pushback, and then you get the full advantage of the software and the self-leveling abilities. I've also experienced something on steep downhills, I call it the death wobble. Only happened to me a couple times but I could not recover. Was booking at top speed and hit some uneven payment which caused the board to shim back-and-forth sideways, then really heavy and then I bailed. Only experienced at top speed just on the edge of pushback. So for me the optimal riding speed is just a nudge before it pushes back.

  • Here is the Part.2 of my Downhill of the death:

    @groovyruvy I promise you that I didn't press the nose ;) I was trying to lean back like you say in your post(I was very fast)...I was very surprised how the board tilt forward and threw me off :(
    @Jimmers75 @thegreck I found a little place for your shop link ;)

  • @fabuz said in Downhill of the Death story:

    @Jimmers75 @thegreck I found a little place for your shop link ;)

    Nice, thanks! Looking forward to checking out the video once I'm off work, too!

  • @fabuz very nice vid man.

  • @fabuz in that case I think it's an example of the board performing unexpectedly after reaching pushback speed.

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