• I've been wanting to try OWing on a beach since I saw the FM video, before I ever owned it. Had a chance in Tahoe over the weekend and it appears it did not go well. I've read a few threads about water problems and I am having a very similar experience. After taking the controller out I found water in the sealed connector from the batt to the controller. I found that my connector is missing the blanks on terminals where there is no wire.0_1468207047402_image.jpg

    Others who ride in water frequently may want to check their plugs and install them if they are missing. I realize there is a plastic cover enclosing the controller plugs but it's far from water tight.
    I've sent my OW in for repair with a pre paid shipping label FM sent me. Hopefully it will be covered under warranty.

  • Ahh chaaa

    Where is the spoon ?

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