FutureMotion Tech Support???

  • It is a bit disconcerting to me that FM folks have not chimed in on these forums. What better place to get feedback, suggestions, solve simple common issues, and in general connect with the users of their products! I have seen some darn good suggestions, some concerning issues, and can't help but think that FM would benefit from interacting with US, their ambassadors in the field. It is not like this is a dime store item, and you would think that WE, the users of this $1500 toy, would deserve a bit more interaction from the developers. I know for certain I am responsible for at least 3 sales of these things, not including the two I own.

    If you are listening, FM, please dedicate an hour or 2 a week to responding to some of these posts. Isn't that the point, in part, for having this forum? I have at least 4 technical questions that no user is capable of answering on the forum, which I would love to have answered.

    The market is beginning to get flooded with nearly identical Chinese knock-offs, and eventually one will be as good, and cheaper. You will wish you had developed a better rapport with your users who have the ability to vocalize the true benefits of the "real thing", but you have to give something back in return... Thanks for the consideration.

  • There might be some legal reasons where they want to participate, lawyers and lawsuits can really put a dent or even crush a startup. I'd rather they be working on the next big OW/fixes/upgrade etc

    That being said, it is kind of odd there are no represents here in the forums. It could be a sign they are not working on future enhancements and pushing the tech further.

  • I've emailed FM Support a few times over the last 6 months, and always get a reply within 24 hours.
    If you have questions that you need answered, then send them an email.

  • There's gotta be a bunch of BS lawyers in the Valley telling these tech companies not to respond on their forums, its not just here, its all over, even Tesla for god sake will let the most scurrilous and scandalous things sit on their forums forever, and let the most helpful suggestions in the world get immediately buried by BS. Maybe they'll do a piece on this in the Silicon Valley show (which BTW everyone should watch), but in the meantime, note to all startups, you'll never make it if you let these stupid VC lawyers run your company.

  • i emailed them and asked them to at least moderate the spam messages!!!!!!

  • @itwire they replied that they would have someone look into it.

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