Saltwater corrosion?

  • Headed to the coast next month. Bringing the OW. Anyone ever had a problem with saltwater corrosion from beach riding with the OW? Any electronics issues? Should I cap the XLR port or power button with silicone? I appreciate your help. Thanks.

  • @Hamasvjnga I wouldn't take any chances.. I use a plug for the charge port and a silicone sheet to cover the power button.. 0_1468503343282_IMG_20160709_233956.jpg

  • @Hamasvjnga Be sure to hose it off with fresh water afterwards, whenever you get salt water on it.

  • I bricked by OW last weekend beach riding. Definitely cover XLR and power button. I should also mention that the connector going into the controller from the battery is not sealed correctly and allows water into that connector. At this point I don't think I would ride my OW in much more than a puddle and definitely don't do this, although it was fun as hell!

    how to kill a ow

  • I have crossed a few tidal pools and some edges of the surf, but never plowed through like you did! Indeed it looks like a BLAST, but I am not certain I am willing to chance the possibility of some water infiltration, ESPECIALLY salt water. I will definitely be sealing those connector pass throughs TONIGHT though! Thanks

  • @thegreck I agree, but I'm inclined to "spray" mine off as opposed to "hosing" is off, as I am concerned about the obvious: Water getting where it should not! Good advice though!

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