Canada loves OneWheel

  • Dude! I rode my board in Niagara Falls for three days indoors and out, crowded vacation spots, in the mall, and through my hotel on a daily basis. With my brother on one as well... Not one person told me to get off! It was amazing... Its quite possible they were just in awe of it and they couldn't get past that yet... lol... but it was amazing! In Los Angeles its a different story... I don't mind but I've even been told to get off at parks in multiple locations... Land of lawsuits I guess... Anyway I just want to say Canada needs some more OneWheels cause they are awesome up there and the people are lovely... I just had to say that. Also, on a side note I've rode at Lowe's Hardware many times (In LA) and they are super cool and have never told me to get off. Target on the other hand always catches me on the way out... Of the store... "Hey man you can't ride that skateboard in here"... As to which I say rolling out, "Not a skateboard... and no problem I'm on my way out anyway" lol... Good times.

    I'm curious what others experiences are of different places or cities... Who kicks you off and who doesn't...

  • I am in The Hague (Netherlands) and was riding at the beach last week, with my 8-year old son. Beautiful day so quite a few people around, surfers, kite surfers, SUPpers, volleyball, pedestrians etc. The beach here just goes on for miles so great place for sports as well. The usual OW experience: lots of stares and smiles etc - after 20 mins or so a lifeguard truck is doing the rounds and when they spot us they make a bee-line straight for us... So I am thinking - here we go, we'll get kicked off the beach... They pull up, 3 of them in the car, 'So what's that thing? Seen lots of things here at the beach, but this is new. Looks very cool! Did you make it yourself? Is it easy to ride?' etc etc. 'well it's very cool - have fun!' and off they went again on their patrol. Good times.


  • but I couldn't keep up with these guys....!


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