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  • Hi everyone, been lurking for a couple days, bought my onewheel yesterday, I love it!

    Been riding it around town and at the park. Pavement, dirt, even going through crowds with ease. The onewheel is just superb and handles so well. I've basically learned it can't go over bumps of a certain height/steepness. Learned it the hard way a few times.

    Also my board is plenty beat up after just 2 days. But I guess that's fine, it's just meant to get like that.

    Currently practicing doing 180s in one spot. Just very sharp turns. I've almost got it down. Roll the ankles just slightly and it turns incredibly quick.

    Also trying to learn to ride "backwards" I ride left foot forward. Trying to get good right foot forward. It's not very pretty to see. I fall a bunch like that for whatever reason. I'll get it down though. I snowboard and love spinning around on my board. That's my biggest onewheel goal.

    Hardest part is stopping/getting off. I really wish the board constantly self leveled so I didn't need the pressure pad except for getting on. And getting off could use the app to power down, or something.

    I have an important question though.
    It seems if I stand perfectly still it powers off....I have to experiment more. But this has happened quite a few times. Is this actually what is happening? I don't think I'm taking pressure off the pad...

    The best thing I've done so far. I was out until like 1am riding because I really just think it's the best thing ever. My battery died and I had to carry it. thanks.
    So I got myself a rope, strong clamp. Put the two together stick it on the onewheel. And now a dead battery means I easily pull/walk/tow my onewheel beside me effortlessly.
    Just clamp it on the side that wants to naturally lower. Costs like $5-10 less for most people because you might have a clamp or string laying around.

    Anyways, I'm loving this thing. Wish the charge lasted longer. Wish it could operate while charging also. I tried using an AC portable battery pack in a backpack to be able to charge/ride at same time. Looks like it won't operate if plugged in. Would love if a firmware update changed that.

  • @Tylermon Welcome man!
    Check this
    And all of us who speaking better english than me will answer all your question ;) !!!

  • Most likely it's the shoes you are wearing, they aren't making a good contact with both sensors, try a different pair. When you slow down the board wants both sensors activated or it shuts off.

    @Tylermon said in New here!:

    I have an important question though.
    It seems if I stand perfectly still it powers off....I have to experiment more. But this has happened quite a few times. Is this actually what is happening? I don't think I'm taking pressure off the pad...

  • Welcome to the family!!

  • @Tylermon Indeed welcome to the family. Are you wearing flat sole shoes and are you sure you are on both sensors completely? Search the forums there are a few good topics on battery back up ideas that work well. If you have not check out the link @fabuz Posted (lots of Great Stuff there)

  • @Tylermon I have that problem too sometimes. When you're riding over .5 (point five) mph, then you only need to have pressure on one of the two sensor pads (heel and toe of the blue area). But when you're stopped, you only have to disengage one of them in order for it to think you want to dismount. And this is pretty easy to do, regardless of the shoes you wear. All you have to do is shift your weight a bit and take some of your weight off of your toe, and suddenly you're in dismount mode.

  • Wait.....there are two sensors? :O like one on each foot?

  • @Tylermon No. As I said, the heel (that's one) and the toe (that's two) of the blue area. Look at your footpads and you'll see 2 blue squares on the same side. Under those squares are the sensors. It's generally considered best to ride with the sensors in the front.

    You have to have pressure on both to engage the motor, but once you start riding over point five mph, it'll allow you to accidentally remove pressure from either of those without disengaging the motor.

    But if you remove pressure from BOTH while riding, the board counts to one Mississippi, then disengages. This 1-second pause is to allow you some time if you hit a bump or go off a curb to make contact again.

    When you're stopped, you only have to remove pressure from one sensor to disengage the motor and dismount.

  • @thegreck that knowledge has just made the world of a difference!!! Thank you!

    Getting off is now a pice of cake and staying stationary is possible now. I didn't have my foot positioned properly.

    Is there any circuitry in the other side of the board? Towards the very end opposite the side with the blue sensors/pressure. I'm thinking of drilling a hole through it. This would make my tow rope even easier to slip on. Also provide another means of locking the board to something.

  • @Tylermon One side is electronics, the other side is lithium-ion batteries which will likely explode if drilled through.

    But check out this post... @Count was able to drill through his board to pull a trailer, but he's opened his Onewheel up and could probably tell you exactly where you can drill and where you will run into problems.

  • @thegreck thanks for the link! That was exactly where I've been thinking of making a hole haha.

    Hmmm gotta wait 2 minutes between my posts it looks like.

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