Hooked and on holiday

  • So at the end of last month I got my board and road as muh as I could for a few days (and nights).
    Then, we fly out to Adriatic coast with girlfriend for a sweet holiday of nothing but crystal clear waters, blue sky sunshine and +32c° temperatures. I have to say that basically the only time I'm not thinking about riding might be when I'm 10 feet underwater diving for rocks from the bottom of the ocean, not kidding. That onewheel flow is such a sweet joy that I've found a match that perfectly defines to me how great it is to ride that thing, and that match lies 10 feet underwater away from the blistering heat in crystal clear waters. :)

    Now that's what I call a great and amazing board!

    Greetings to you all from Place, Dubrovnik! ;D

  • Just got my board and loving it. Best big boy toy I ever bought

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