a big thanks to the community

  • i ride in vienna / austria till 2.5 months and i thank you all a lot for sharing your knowledge. i have learned so much from you out there.

    in the early days i was a little bit scary about nose diving, i went to parking lots in the night and it was a kind of slow motion, but i established a fine and save feeling on the board.

    i was in classic mode these days, i know from your postings a lot of pushback, i went in pushback in a controlled way, i felt the unsave feeling of 'wobbling' and i learned to control it. now i like to ride in elevated shaping, for me it's a really nice feeling with the nose a little bit up.

    as you know, riding the onewheel is so much fun, it's like sowboarding every day. i presented my wife a onewheel and she is riding enthusiastic. we explore the city and our neighborhood in a complete new way.

    for me the onewheel is like a kind of time-machine, it brings back my thirties (i am 53).

    greetings from vienna to all of you

  • @viennaCalling Welcome to the Onewheel family.
    Yep, sure takes some getting used to.

    Yesterday I was preparing my electric skateboard for sale.
    Haven't ridden it for 2 months since I got the OW.
    So I took a 6 mile ride to make sure all's working.
    This morning, I took my OW ride and it felt awkward at first.
    Of course, in 5-10 minutes all went back to normal.

    In all fairness, electric skateboard is plenty of fun, but the OW is just better.

  • @sonny123 Was it a Boosted board?

  • @dcosmos Nope. Yuneec E-Go.
    Had a metroboard that I sold after I got the OW.
    I was going for Boosted but got the OW instead.

  • I also was originally going to go with the boosted board when I stumbled on a video of the OW. I had ridden a friends boosted board and was very impressed but I saw that there was a OW retailer about 20 mins away from me and was able to try it out and bought it on the spot. I would pick the versatility and the flexibility the OW has to go offroad and take shortcuts through whatever terrain you can throw at it vs speed anyday

  • The Onewheel community is great!!

  • You're right, it is like a time machine. It's fun to cruise around and feel younger!
    The posts contributed by the OW community have made the experience so much better; in addition to all the excellent riding advice, I feel like there's a tribe out there (as @1woman1wheel so accurately named it), even when I have no one to ride with.
    Thanks, community!

  • Yea, I second all this! When I'm relaxing w time to check the e medias I enjoy clicking into the forum over fb. It is a warm tribe. The only other onewheeler I've met in real life over the last 4 months said he wasn't on the forum and it caught me by surprise. I struggled to grasp the idea for a sec then I tried to quickly assemble something to tell him to lead him here. Some people are just minimal interneters

  • Hey @viennaCalling - thanks for the post, especially that final comment about your age... we share a birth year and I'm planning to order my OW shortly. My lovely wife thinks I'm going to break my neck and I truly hope she's wrong as I'll never live it down. Still, I'm looking forward to enjoying the OW experience and I take some solace in the fact that with age comes wisdom. After reading many of these posts I will take it easy and avoid pushing the limits for a bit.

    Cheers from Vancouver, Canada!

  • @PeterG I'm in Vancouver, too (and same age)!

  • Thank for sharing!

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