Feature requests

  • I've only had my one wheel for less than 3 days but I think I have some great ideas for a version 2.

    First and probably most commonly suggested: Swappable batteries.

    Second, a hole in the middle/end of one side. This is useful to lock up the board as well as attach a tow rope. Towing/pulling the onewheel powered off is so much easier than carrying.

    The ends should have wheels. Not to ride on. But this way when an end of the board would otherwise hit something it glides over instead of flipping/grinding etc.

  • @Tylermon You're right that swappable batteries is requested a lot.

    The foot pads are wood, and the bumpers are plastic, all someone would need to do is yank on the chain and it would come out of a hole in the nose. A lot of people are finding locks they can feed between the wheel and the metal frame, which makes it a lot harder for someone to steal:

    And a lot of people have also brought up the wheels on the ends too, but I don't think that's a good idea for 3 reasons:

    1. When you nosedive on a Onewheel, it's all downward motion (like a teeter totter when someone jumps off one end), so all that would happen is the little wheels would shatter. If the bumpers aren't enough, I doubt little wheels would make a difference. (That being said, I'd be interested to see someone test the theory)

    2. The wheels would get caught on grass and things, making off-roading a lot more dangerous.

    3. They'd have to change the name to Fivewheel.

  • I don't care about wheels for avoiding grinding— I want them to make it easier to get around when you're not riding it.

    At 25lb with an awkward shape, the OneWheel is tons of fun when you're riding it, and a huge pain when you're not. I'd love some luggage-style casters to wheel it around train stations and indoors.

  • @thegreck said in Feature requests:

    @dshack A side-handle could help with that ;)

    Not to put down the side handle, but you are still stuck carrying it! And it already has a vertical handle built in so I don't see too huge a difference.
    I'll post a picture of my clamp/pull rope. Let's me pull my onewheel around with me effortlessly.

    As for the wheel shattering if there were wheels on the end, I imagine longboard style wheels. Pretty durable.


    Had another idea. The board 2.0 should get rid of the corners. Rounded and reduced profile.
    Something like this maybe?

    This would allow even sharper turns because currently you can turn so sharp the corners can hit the ground.

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