Bluetooth Hand Brake

  • I would certainly pay for a handheld bluetooth device that I could squeeze which could slow down the OneWheel, as the only real difficulty I currently still have in riding is when I get going too fast and can't easily shift my weight to slow down!

  • Practice, practice, practice. No need to tie up your hands on the OneWheel.

  • Seems like a brake would slow you down from the feet up - out of balance and not leaning into the deceleration. It would thus throw you off the board, forward. You certainly would slow down that way, though... ;)

  • You need to practice..

    Do some drills/warm ups, try accelerating as fast as you can then stop as fast as you can. Do it 10-15 times each time you start, regular and goofy. You should be able to make the tail drag on the ground regular and goofy, or stop as quick as possible...

  • Dude, you don't need a hand held device bro, #Lurn2OneWheel. They specifically designed the OneWheel to NOT use your hands. Hand Held will not happen.

  • Everyone complains that the electric skateboards don't feel as connected and when you brake that it feels like it wants to throw you off. This would be a huge negative to me if I had to do anything with my hands.

    As everyone else has said, practice more. It'll take time, but you'll get it. =)

  • The OneWheel could have a braking system quite easily - because it already has one in the form of pushback.

    A brake button could engage pushback, forcing a slowdown until you released the brake or it stopped.

    But my bluetooth connection to the board is not reliable and I couldn't rely on it. Any handlheld brake device connected to the board would need to be significantly more reliable than the phone connection currently is.

  • Lol, I can't believe this thread is still here

  • While riding today, I tried to imagine what would happen if the board started braking without me leaning back. I'm pretty sure I'd just fly off every time. Leaning back is a must just to stay on, and well... It also causes the board to brake the way it is now. I guess no upgrade or hand held device is needed.

  • Just to be clear, my proposal for a hand brake was not as a substitute for mastering the OneWheel's natural braking mechanism, but instead was just for a type of backup brake for those who are still trying to learn the OneWheel.

    Some (like myself) had never had a skateboard before and so there has been a fairly steep learning curve with the OneWheel. In particular, both myself and a couple of my friends have had rides where we got going faster than we are comfortable going and then found it hard to immediately shift our weight to slow down (while maintaining our balance) and had to jump off.

    In such circumstances, I think a hand brake would have been a good option, even if only during the first few weeks or months of practice.

    I also have seen that some other commercial powered boards have hand brakes by default, so I'm not sure why so many think it's a totally bad idea, even if advanced riders would forgo it (and likewise recommend not relying on it).

    That said, thanks for all the tips, which I've been incorporating into my practice schedule. Smart practice does make perfect---

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