OW stopping?

  • Anyone experience their OW stopping out of the blue? Had my OW for a couple of week no accident yet but today I experienced my first major fall and it was nasty scare to ride the OW again wasn't going fast or anything it just stop didn't warn me or anything sent me flying into the pavement n hurt like hell...

  • Were the two front sensors covered with the shoe sole completely? Could the sensor foot have slid off the sensor without knowing ?

    Sounds like sensor disconnect.

  • @LidPhones my foot was covering the sensor the whole time and I though it only stop when you slow down to about .5 mph

  • There are countless topics about this, I suggest you ready/reply in one of those?

  • @Vyaz if you're new to the OW I would have to say user error.. don't be discouraged, 99% of the time it's the user..it happens to us all.. just be extra cautious.. the board will shut off if your foot is off both sensor.. if you're moving over .5 mph you only need to be on one sensor..but still try and stay on them both

  • Seems like its been pretty much definitively proven by now that these episodes are rarely caused from a foot lifting off the sensor pad, but instead come simply from over balancing the board beyond the limits of its motor which causes the abrupt cut out, usually when pushing hard going up a steep hill, so a couple things that might help in these circumstances, stay lower, lean your upper body back to keep your weight more centered on the board, and edge your front foot back closer to the wheel which also helps keep your weight more centered on the board.

  • I suspect some of these times are indeed from complete disconnect. I know personally I have noticed while riding off-road my foot has surely tipped forward onto the outside long edge to keep balance. Doing this leaves only the very edge of my shoe in contact with baaaaarely past the sensors but sure enough, the majority of my sole lifted for less than a sec but 100% of the time it takes to shut off. The thing is it happens at a time when your highly focused on riding and avoiding things and not as much on your feet.

  • @kbman I agree. There are 2 common causes. The speed/mode you are going when it happens is a good indicator of which it was. I was riding with a friend who is a beginner and I saw it happen to him. He was in extreme mode and barley going 8-10 mph around a turn. This was his first time riding on the street and I had been reminding him all night that he was keeping his foot too far forward and at an angle. He was able to run it off but he was still WTF! There was no way he was going fast enough to be pushing through push back. The only reason I saw it was I had to stop and wait for him.

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