Onewheel for sale located in alabama

  • I have a onewheel only used a couple of times and have decided it's just not for me, I'm asking 1,200$, ![0_1468955516905_image.jpg](Uploading 100%) I still have box and everything it came with! if interested text me at 256-763-1309

  • @onewheellife don't do it BRO! Not for you? Your username of Onewheellife implies that you were pretty excited at some point. It's painful to see anyone trying to sell after 'just a couple times', you gotta stick with it. Nurse your wounds, get back on, and take it slow. Thank me later.

  • @onewheellife I agree with @jordo. If at any point you were excited about riding it, it's for you. And you have one. It took me a month riding it every day before I felt comfortable on it, but every day is learn something new that made it fun. And once you get good enough to just ride, there's nothing like it!

    I say it's for anyone who wants to get from Point A to Point B and have fun doing it. Even if only to just go right back to Point A again because all you wanted to do is ride.

  • Agree with the above.
    Take it slow is key and then it comes gradually.
    I had my doubts at first and placed mine for sale.
    Now I'm glad I didn't let it go.

  • Thanks everybody, I've figured out how to ride it and everything but turning is a pain and when I'm done riding my legs feel like they're dead maybe I need to ride more and get use to it I don't know and I've already been thrown off when I was just riding my feet were on the sensors and everything I'll probably give it more time but not too sure thanks guys^^

  • @onewheellife If turning is a pain, and your legs feel dead afterwards, and you've been thrown off but aren't sure why... that means you haven't ridden it enough. The pain will fade away, turning will become fun, and you'll learn how to keep your weight centered over the wheel so you don't nosedive unexpectedly.

    Riding a Onewheel, and I mean REALLY RIDING it, takes skills and strength that have to be built up over time, they don't come easy and they don't come with a few rides. But trust me, they will come, and it'll make it all worth it! KEEP AT IT!

  • Thanks for the advice and I'll give it a couple weeks and see what happens @thegreck

  • OW ain't about speed.
    Heck, I enjoy that thing at 5 mph.

  • Don't sell! I almost sold mine two weeks in after a couple of spills and scary advice from others. Now its one of my biggest sources of joy that I can think of. Now I have two OneWheels. One for my wife and myself! If you don't need the money don't sell... ride it another month then sell if you still don't love it.

  • @MichaelW
    There was a time when I thought I had to sell mine or I would break something. Now after several months of riding I can see why having 2 would be a good idea! If I ever have to get a tire change though I'm going to go into withdrawl!

  • I do have a friend who might be interested in buying it.

    But on another note, here's the tips I have.

    1. Relax!!!
    2. Don't look down, instead, look where you want to go.
    3. Practice in an open area.
    4. Scratch it up! Go ahead, it's fine.
    5. You can relax your ankles for some incredibly tight turns, especially at lower speeds.
    6. Just use extreme mode.

  • Well, just came back from a OW ride and tried to pay attention to turning/carving.
    On a skateboard, it's mainly the deck and trucks that do the work.
    On OW, it's motion. I've never surfed but I think it's pretty similar.
    Very instictive and hard to explain in words but it's all in the body.
    Perhaps the best way is to let it come on its own through riding and practicing.

  • You're all awesome onewheel's lawyers my friends!!!!!!!!!! LOVE IT 👊👊👊

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