Favorite device besides OneWheel?...and which is more important?

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  • I'll start by qualifying that certain things have to be taken for granted like the cell phone and hot water heater. I'm talking about things you can live without in this day and age but wouldn't want to.

    For me I'd have to say it's my iPad. Before it I had my laptop out all the time. First it replaced the web browser and now it's replaced my TV. I use this device first thing in the morning and every night. I upgrade just about every other year but the reasons to upgrade seem to be diminishing. I still have my previous models for my wife and kids but they barely if ever use them. I look forward to buying new versions of onewheel and keeping older versions which I expect to be more popular than old iPads.

    At this point I'd have to choose the iPad over onewheel just because it's more of a utility for me but it's a close call.

  • My surfboards!!!

  • Vintage bmx. Early 80's PK Rippers with original finish are my weakness. But thats not a device is it?


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