OW suddenly will not power on

  • Got my OW about 10 days ago. I did a 20 minute precharge, probably unnecessary since batt read 100%. OW ran fine out of the box and I rode for about 5 hours on several days. Really great!! My practice was to charge it as soon as I got home so it would be ready for next time. But when I went out to ride 3 days ago, the power button would not power the board on. Didn't matter what physical orientation, I tried many, but nothing worked, including the recommended correct one with the board resting on the ground in its natural tilt. The iPhone app wouldn't connect, which didn't surprise me since the OW wasn't powered on. I thought maybe somehow it hadn't charged when I'd plugged it in the night before, so brought it home and tried another charge. The charger light turned green immediately. With the OW plugged into the charger, the blue light around the power button glowed and pulsed. I could also now connect to the iPhone app--it showed 0% battery charge in one moment, then 30 seconds later, it showed 100%.

    Regardless, when I unplugged from the charger, the OW still would not power up.

    Communicated with tech support yesterday. No substantial suggestions other than return the board for diagnosis, which I did this AM. Will follow up when I get it back.

  • Followup
    FM tech support has had my OW for a full week and I haven't heard back from them what the diagnosis is. Yesterday, I requested an update, got a confirmation that they would check for status, but no followup as of now.

  • I had an issue after riding through some water. I shipped it to them on a Monday, they received it on Wednesday and I received it back the following friday. I initiated communication with them every 2-3 days asking for updates. I needed it to get to a show Friday night and they came through. Luckily Scott, who was in charge of my repair, was a Twenty One Pilots fan and got it done in time to ship it overnight to my work.

    Not sure exactly what was wrong but at a minimum they replaced the battery. It would turn on only when plugged in and would self balance for a sec before overloading the power supply. I live about 20 miles from the factory.

  • Thanks for input, wr420. I've seen all these deleted posts here and began to wonder if the forum management was deleting posts that complained about tech support. I want to keep having good feelings about FM. But mostly, I want my board back. I miss it.

  • @art No, they only delete the posts of spammers and people who only come on here to cause trouble.

  • It took 2 weeks to get my OW back from the FM repair shop. Of course they paid for shipping both directions (but remember to keep your shipping box). Runs fine again.
    Tech support said it was the battery module that had malfunctioned, and it was replaced. They used the term "battery module," not battery, and said the repair techs replaced the "entire module".

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