• @thegreck i don't know how to signal this guy @axolir
    I receive this message by pm
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    A axolir il y a environ 43 minutes
    Dearest One
    My name is Alure Wawrenka I’m diagnosed with esophageal cancer, it went unnoticed and I had to undergo a laryngectomy. I am about to end the race like this without any child and in contrast to how family members & friends has completed treating me during horrible moment in my life? I decided reaching out to a total stranger in your person. I decided to WILL/donate the sum of 3 million Euros to you for the good work of the lord. I want this last act of mine to be an Offering to GOD and humanity. Send a note back with this ref. “ALWR” back to my email so i know you got this and for me to details how on how these funds will be transfer to you to begin the charity work for humanity and you can contact me on my address alure.wawrenka@gmail.com, I know we don’t know each other.
    God bless you abundantly.
    Alure Wawrenka

    For sure it's a scam,and hope the community will be able to kick him...

  • @fabuz I've had this and countless similar messages over the last 6 months, it is of course a heinous scam and for anyone effected by cancer anyone who's lost someone to it, this is painful to read because you want to help.

    These people are proper scum of the earth

  • @Jimmers75 wow ok! It's the first time for me...and you're right for the pain because i have someone close to me who's being treated against this shit...

  • @fabuz @Jimmers75 Yes I've lost three people to cancer and have a friend who is battling it now, it's a horrendous disease. And I also had the same exact IM from that guy in my inbox this morning!

    Fabuz, can you email support and give them the guy's name? They can probably shut his account down.

  • I got it too.. my first girl friend passed away from cancer last year and a friend just a few weeks ago :(

  • @thegreck thanks man it's done.

  • @njcustom That sucks man. Yeah, it's such a shitty disease! A good friend of mine from high school died from it. And a few years ago, my uncle went to see a doctor because his back hurt, only to find out it was pain from stage 4 cancer, and he died about a month later. And a good friend of my wife's died from stomach cancer... he was an amazing guy, I met him at a huge fundraiser that his friends threw for him. Jack Black was one of the guests and did a short set: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RJzCMDnsKF0

  • @thegreck yes it's crazy that we can't cure it completely.. my friend that just passed had stomach cancer too.. he also was a good guy.. he changed my life

  • Also got this BS via pm today and I lost my best buddy to cancer last year right after his son was born.

  • @SC720 said in WARNING SCAM BY PM:

    Also got this BS via pm today and I lost my best buddy to cancer last year right after his son was born.

    Damn that's heartbreaking!

  • @thegreck It was a living nightmare and extremely sad...I actually ended up getting his wife her own OW after he passed since she always had so much fun cruising mine and was such a natural at it. We now have fun taking our boards out and can honestly say OW's played a part in helping us get through it.

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