What helmets you guys are using ?

  • Seems like Pro-Tec and brain saver are most widely used.
    I have used a plane Jane pro-Rex model for a while now and crossed it over with the OW.
    Light weight - good fit -

  • Pro-tec Ace Skate.

  • You might want to check out this article and video regarding helmets...

    I haven't been wearing a helmet, but I bought one this weekend, as I've started commuting around Tokyo. I'm more concerned about an accident with a car than I am about falling off, and at the speed the OW is going, it seemed more appropriate to get a helmet certified for bike and skate crashes.

    I'm using a Bern Allston - which is light, well ventilated & the chin strap is comfortable with my head turned to the side. I actually completely forgot I was wearing it today - which is a good sign.

    I actually bought a classic Protec first, but returned it when I realized it's not certified (and then watched the video above). I'm no helmet expert, but from what I could gather a high speed impact in one of those isn't going to offer much protection. They are probably more suited for multiple, slow speed crashes like you'd get at a skate park...

    I'm sure someone will correct me if I'm wrong here :-)

  • I'm a fan of certified safety gear, too; overall, not just for this activity. Certifications aren't perfect, and sometimes there's more than one to choose from, but a certified product is generally a cut above an uncertified product.

    I ride my motorcycle "ATGATT" - "All The Gear, ALL The Time," no exceptions. My plan is to do the same with the OW. Yeah, the adverse forces in motorcycling are often greater, but these things go ~15mph. The human body did not evolve to fall, even at that speed (especially not repeatedly). Fortunately, on a OW we mostly fall the height of our bodies, plus some tumbling; hopefully we don't (often) impact a hard, stationary obstacle or get hit by a moving one. But as the video shows, a hit to the head from a very short height is still fatal. Gear up.

    PS: FYI, some Protec helmets are certified, some aren't.

  • Jepp. Helmets can be the differance between a funeral and a few painful weeks, just ask me. I feel almost 15 feet 8 weeks ago into concrete, a cracked ribb, a crack in my knee and pain in my elbow.. I was using a certified climbing helmet, and I didnt even loose consciousness. The guy I shared hospital room with tripped and hit his head standing, he had bleedings underneith the skull. When I feel I did hit my head pretty darn hard, but was surprised the few seconds afterwards that it didnt hurt more =)

  • Here is a great article regarding dual certified (bike and skate) helmets:


    And a list of certified helmets:


  • Wow, thank you guys. I had no idea the difference. I shall be purchasing a new helmet now it seems.

    Edit: So making sense of all the certs is fun.

    I realized I do have a CPSC/CE certified helmet but it's not ASTM or AS/NZS (Aussie/New Zealand) certified. Now I'm trying to figure out is it worth upgrading to a helmet with the extra ASTM/AS/NZS cert??? Is ASTM better than a CPSC?

  • Ok... I'm getting ready to get another helmet. Pro-tec or Brain saver? Anyone try them both? I need the lightest and most comfortable and cost is not a factor. I am looking for something that is for mostly slow speed crashes as I'm not someone who goes that fast.

    PS: Slim on the head would be awesome. My head is big enough...

  • @MichaelW This helped me a little: http://canyoudigitbmx.com/buyers-guide-certified-helmets/
    Showed me other options besides the Triple 8 or Pro-tec. The S1 and TSG Superlight are appealing to me as well.

  • I use this folding helmet but I'm shopping around for a skate or BMX helmet

    I have a fairly bad mirror attached because I'm freaked out about cars coming behind me on streets. Me rubbernecking won't help anything. I shift my weight and stop looking ahead of me. All bad. The mirror seems to help a little.

    Street folks - What do you do to keep account of what's behind you?

  • @willcapellaro I ride on the street a lot, I just look behind me, no need for a mirror :)
    But I don't wear headphones, as I want to hear cars coming closer...

  • No helm 😱

    Probably SUPER BAD ADVICE.

    That said, I have a protec just in case I do wear one (which just happened to be in onewheel blue) but I really love the look of the the ennui skate helmets. If I wore one more I'd get an ennui.

  • In the 70's and 80's I used to feel self-conscious when I wore a helmet but now I care more about preventing a traumatic brain injury. I use a Triple 8 Gotham with MIPS technology. It's certified and light weight. When I'm wearing mine I kinda think I resemble The Great Gazoo from the Flintstones cartoons (although my helmet is blue and not green) but slap a Onewheel sticker on the side and even a styrofoam cooler on your head will look awesome!!

  • @talktoDJ Yep, there's nothing very cool about being a vegetable...Started wearing one after my first face to face with asphalt. I'm using a Shred Ready half cut which is mainly meant for watersports and very comfortable.

  • I'm using the Bell Reflex which is dual certified. It has a pretty cool look in my opinion too.

    Another great choice (my second) I thought was the Protech City Lite.

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