Brush "fender" idea

  • I've heard the idea of a brush instead of a fender to keep rocks & water off the legs.

    Anyone tries this? Seems totally reasonable. Just mount something like a horsehair brush agains the tire in each side, roughly trimmed to the tire shape. Let the tire do the final shaping as you ride.

    It's possible it would even help with the to y sharp rocks which get embedded in my OW from time to time - brushing them off before they get a chance to bury deeply in the tire.

    Just curious if anyone followed up on this (or wants to). Seems like an unusual & functional mod.

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    LOL - not this, but it would get some attention :)

  • I'll stick with my fender think it's cooler when you ate riding not and don't see the wheel

  • Brush wouldn't stop the water....

    Don't drink the water.... There's blood in the water...
    Dave Mathews

    PS the stock fender makes the OW look complete. It is very clear once you put it on that it was designed to have the fender, and they took it off. It looks like a car without its hood. It's sleeker, more streamlined, there are parts sticking out of one side of the foot boards that don't stick out of the other, (not symmetrical) that all goes away and all of a sudden this thing looks like not something "did you build that yourself" but something that was pre- formed or came off an assembly line or at least taken through a wind tunnel.

    And while I would never do anything to knock our brother with the carbon fiber fenders... Cause they are amazing. I didn't get one cause I'm am so PO i can't afford the OR right now... I got a used plastic fender. I really like my plastic fender as well, I wouldn't knock it, it doesn't feel cheap, I'm fine with it being perm screwed on. I actually prefer it's design look to the CF fender. I prefer the carbon look, but as far as the aerodynamic look it gives to the board, I'm loving what I have :)

  • @Aaron-Broward-FL It was originally designed without a fender. They didn't actually one until after the Kickstarters received their boards and started complaining about all the water and dirt spraying all over them.

  • I am sure the first draft was... But did the Kickstarter boards have fender screw holes though? Cause that would be suspicious...
    There is always 2 sides... The truth and the marketing :)

  • @Aaron-Broward-FL That's true. Was probably already planned but not yet in production yet.

  • I'd have to actually test it to see if a brush would stop the water. It's possible it would block enough to keep it off my feet. I'm actually more interested in keeping the rocks off than the water.

    For water I actually have 2 fenders already. I have the FM fender - which I never use because I prefer the naked tire look. The look is obviously a matter of personal preference - both looks are good - I prefer the naked tire.

    I regularly use my ugly DIY fender that I made (posted somewhere online here) for $5. It works great, attaches in 15 seconds, and rolls up into my backpack.

    Anyway... I'll eventually get around to trying out a brush. I'm thinking block brush, 1/2" or 1cm thick, mounted on the bottom. I don't think it would be visible at all - and it would take care of thrown rocks and perhaps some water as well...

  • @jeff8v7

    did you get around to this?

    i think a brush would work well for keeping debris from getting caught between the tire and footpad. it would have to be below the deck on one side.

  • I didn't try it yet. Too busy with actual work :)

    Could prototype this by simply cutting up an old broom head...

  • Haven't had the time to piece one together yet but I was thinking of using a Heavy-Duty Aluminum Brush Door Sweep. I plan on doubling up the brush with some silicone caulk and affixing it to the frame with neodymium magnets. Got one sitting in my garage...just been too busy lately.

  • @Hamasvjnga

    That door sweep looks perfect for the job! If you get around to actually doing it, post some pics & a review.

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    This is how bicycle guys solved the issue! to reduce punctures!
    Could be a simpler thing to setup....
    my 2 cents


  • @Rno Hmmm... maybe. It would have to be located on the opposite side of the tire, obviously, since the Tire Savers are just for knocking debris off the tire before it gets pushed into the tire and punctures it. But it seems they're not designed to do anything but just knock debris off, and the brush idea is not just to knock it off, but also keep it from flying up onto your shoes and pants.

    This might actually just encourage debris that would otherwise stick to the wheel until it made contact with the ground again to fly all over you.

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