Motor doesn't engage first time board turned on

  • This sequence of events occurred.

    One Wheel worked perfectly for months. Zero issues.

    Then this:

    1. Cousin tries the board and has terrible balance. The board gets battered harder than it ever has from anyone else trying it. The guy outs persistent and eventually rides well.
    2. I recharge and ride that night with no issues. Probably used a half charge.
    3. Next day I try to charge but charger immediately goes green. Disconnect and try again, green again. Think: oh I must have charged it last night and forgot.
    4. Go riding a typical route, run out of power about half way. Clearly it wasn't charged.
    5. Taxi home and recharge. No more charging problems. Borrow iPhone to confirm full charge.
    6. Put board on ground, see normal pulse light, step on. Board seesaws over without engaging motor. Light flash sequence completely changed, not pulse anymore. Turn off, turn on - normal pulse back. Motor engages and I ride for an hour with no issues.

    That's been the case ever since. First time turned on being off for a while it won't engage motor first time turned on. Needs to be power cycled to make it work. Today I stopped for coffee for 1.5 hrs. Powered on, motor engaged immediately and I 3 seconds before disengage and seesaw to ground. Power cycled and it was fine after that.

    I suppose I need to get the actual before and after flash sequence, perhaps on video.

    This behavior seems to have started directly after my cousin had trouble learning and the board got bashed around a bit.

  • OK so I tested this at home with the following steps.

    1. Put board on charger and went out for 2 hours.
    2. Disconnected board from charger and let it sit for about 10 minutes.
    3. Turned board on, took video of pulse light.
    4. Stood one board and it balanced fine but it was making a small (electrical?) noise everytime it moved a little. After about 10 seconds the motor quit and the board seesawed to the floor. This was inside my house so I only rocked it back a forth a few cms and basically stood still.
    5. Took video of flashes - counted 15. Manual says: "Rider detect error"
    6. Powered board off and on, back to pulse.
    7. Stood back on it again basically not moving. The small noise was gone. Only stood on it for about 30 seconds and decided it was fine before getting off.

    I have the videos of the pulse light before and the 15 flashes afterwards but they are 17MB and 36MB respectively. Wasn't expecting the electrical noise and didn't record that. Never heard it before as I usually ride outside but it is only audible in the house where it is quiet.

  • what happens if you disconnect from power and hold power button for five seconds rather than just press?

    Most of the time when I plug in the light stays green which means it's not charging. I then press and hold the power button for a few seconds and the light goes red and charging starts. You only had this issue only once but to me it says sometimes the board needs to reboot to work properly. Not sure if my issue will be fixed with a firmware update or not. Works perfectly otherwise.

  • What firmware version are you running?

  • @Tim said:

    What firmware version are you running?

    I'll need to borrow an iPhone to find that out. I think it is 3034, the last time I got hold of an iPhone that was what it upgraded to.

  • Is your grip tape moved?

  • @veryous said:

    Is your grip tape moved?

    A little, bit less than a cm.

  • @Andrew Hmmm I'm about at a CM on the right side and have been having not start up issues like yours, but if I'm going less than a .5 mph the board will disengage. It's happened to me 3x now. Twice when I first go to get on like you and yesterday I was braking for a car, leveled out and the board disengaged. Little different than yours it seems. Sorry, was hoping for an easy answer with the tape.

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