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  • I just got my OW. What a cool machine! I've ridden about 6 miles in total so far. I'm getting used to it. Couple questions:

    1. I was riding it today up a small incline I was accelerating up the hill and I was feeling very comfortable. I pushed a little harder to accelerate more and it stopped accelerating and threw me off. The battery was freshly charged, I'm riding in Classic mode, I weigh 230. What am I doing wrong?
      It happened again but I was being much more cautious and going pretty slow. While in the middle of the incline it pushed back and stopped. I stepped off safely. What's happening?

    2. While cruising (I ride with my left foot forward) my left knee remains bent. I can't straighten it without accelerating, I don't want to go faster, just cruise at 8 mph. Any tips on cruising position?
      Thanks, this is going to be fun!

  • @EncNiko

    First, welcome to the Onewheel family.

    Change to extreme asap.

    Nose dive seems common for new riders. Happened to most of us at first.
    The only one time I had a nose dive was very similar to yours.
    I was going uphill and must've over pressed it.

    Most important rule is to maintain your center of gravity,
    meaning straight body over OW while legs doing the leaning of Onewheel.

    I ride goofy, right leg on front and left leg will have to bend slightly to accelerate uphill.

    Spend plenty of time practicing in a parking lot doing 2 ways circle, mounting and dismounting after each circle.

    Things will start evolving naturally for you.

  • Classic is almost unrideable, always ride extreme or elevated. And the leg bend you're speaking of is a good thing, you want to ride with knees bent at all times. They're your shocks when you encounter unexpected everything.

  • Welcome man!

    There's are a lot of solid tips on riding in the forum. Search and you will find them.

    As the others say. Get out of classic. At the very least go elevated.

    Go extreme. It's the most natural in my opinion.

    Have fun! Practice practice.

    And yes bend the knees.

  • I wish there was a way we could warn every new rider not to EVER ride in classic. I've been on my soapbox about this for the past six months and have written novels about it in this forum. But every hour on the hour, some newbie joins and said that they were riding in classic and suddenly they crashed and can't figure out why.

    Classic limits your ability to control the board and even throws a crazy acceleration monkey wrench into the mix when you hit a certain speed that sends a lot of new riders directly into the pavement at top speed.

    Another thing to note: when you're going uphill, it becomes very tricky not to hit the nose of the board into the ground. This is because the deck is trying to stay level, but when the ground is at an incline, depending on how steep it is, level can actually put the nose on the ground.

    If you're riding a lot of steel hills, try elevated mode. This works like extreme mode, only it raises the nose a bit to make it less likely you'll nosedive when trying to accelerate uphill.

  • They should really swap the names for those two. "Classic" is extreme, because you will hurt extremely much if you keep using it. And "Extreme" is really classic, since its the only way you could actually cruise safely without risk of majour trauma..

  • @BadWolf Tad extreme maybe ;) But they should stop having classic as default. Or rework it completely (but then it's not classic is it?).

  • @EncNiko welcome man! Practice and practice a lot at low speed(in extreme mode) without pushing the limits of the have to learn how your board works and react because even with a lot of experience, you can have bad surprise ;) check this uphill and downhill vid :)

  • @fabuz

    One of the best OW videos.
    Glad you're okay.

    Did you get some juice back going downhill?

  • @sonny123 big thanks man! You'll certainly enjoy the second part coming in a few days ;)
    And yes some juice get back during downhill, really hard to make an estimate, started downhill with 20%, finished 35% for a 5-6 minutes descent....

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