Bad battery?

  • I just got the board today while charging and checking on app it displayed charger needs to be plugged in also on my first ride on grass to practice I only got about 15 min at a snails speed. They gave me there last one display unit :( I think I may have a lemon :(

  • Try charging it once overnight. In the morning turn it on and confirm it's at 100 charge. That should last you 5-7 miles, if much less you may have a battery issue.

  • thanks buddy.
    will try in the am it says its 100% charged now but I'm gonna leave it plugged in.

  • so i road it for a little today for about 10-15 min looks like i used about 10 percent.
    this was on grass and I'm a big guy 235. Looks like it might be working better

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