New commuter, former SoloWheel rider

  • Hi gang, I've been looking at the OW for a couple months.
    I just moved into a downtown major metro and almost everything I need to do is about a ten minute walk away or less, I figure, three minute OW ride. Also hoping to reduce driving to work/school. Driving downtown is terrible. I'd take the train and OW would be "final mile" transport.

    After three days of crashing I was pretty good at the Solowheel, no tricks but I could get around. I put dozens of miles on the thing. Then one day it started shutting off and dumping me. Finally it dumped me flat on my head, if I didn't have a helmet on I might not've made it. Instead I really screwed up my wrist (had guards/wasn't wearing/stupid). That concluded my Solowheel days.

    So I had a few questions.

    • Who likes the fender? Only reason I hold back is I like the spinny wheel look, but I can get over that.
    • How is it lugging the OW on buses/trains? The bag sounds great but for daily I want to carry it a few steps or ride it.
    • It has regen braking from what I read? Not that that's a deal breaker for me, just wondering.
    • How's the learning curve over a Solowheel?
    • How is crashing compared to Solowheel? I don't know but imagine it being better, based on my crashing of skateboards and the SW.
    • Have people gotten the concept of personal electric vehicles or do you still get stopped all the time asking What's that/How much $ is that/Why so much $ for that? That was a huge problem on the SW I was late for everything. People figure you aren't trying to get somewhere.

    Gr, other questions I can't recall right now. But the thing looks like a ton of fun, I'm getting rid of some motorcycles and can use something fun to fill the void.

    1. fender looks cool and I've riden OWs that have it installed, but don't have one on mine and don't plan on it, don't feel the need
    2. fine to carry for short distances, but gets uncomfortable over longer distances. For in and out of public transpo it's no problem
    3. it does have regenerative braking and helps a bit, but doesn't add much back to the battery and won't extend your ride time by much
    4. I also have a Solowheel Extreme and I found it much more challenging than OW to learn the basics. For more advanced / faster riding, I feel that Solowheel is easier to master than OW.
    5. OW crashes are without a doubt much worse than Solowheel crashes. On a Solowheel wipeout I've always (every single time) been able to make it to my feet and 'run it off'- probably because you're facing forward and feet / body are in more of a walking / running stance. I only wear a helmet with Solowheel, never needed anything else. On OW it's a different matter. Because you're standing sideways, and in my case I'm always pushing top speed, when I wipe out on OW I'm basically getting thrown off the front of the board at 15mph in a sideways-ish position, and I almost always go down to right knee, right elbow and wrists (riding goofy). I used to wear only a helmet, but quickly tired of a bloody lower leg, elbow and wrists. So although I don't wipe nearly as often as I used to, I wear jean long pants, pads and helmet every time I ride. Although wearing pads is an inconvenience, any time I wipe I thank my lucky stars I'm wearing them.
    6. I get stopped all the time by people wanting to know about Solowheel + Onewheel. Sometimes they even sorta chase after me or flag me down they're so interested. Wanna know if I built or invented it, how does it work, can they try it, how much does it cost, etc. If I'm already stopped I'm happy to chit-chat, but when I'm riding I'm in the groove and just keep on riding. I don't mean to be rude but sometimes you just gotta ignore the questions and keep on riding :)

  • @Poseur-Pete
    Hello and welcome! I'm also new to onewheel, had mine a week and love it.

    My friend has a solo wheel and also a Segway mini pro. I've ridden his Segway, onewheel blows it away. He also absolutely loves my onewheel and told me he wants one as soon as he can get one haha. It's just so fun to ride.

    I live in Washington. Hills and wet weather here. The fender has been a must have. I've ridden through mud and would be covered if I hadn't had a fender. Also you can hear the dirt it would be spraying up. Fender is a must have for me.
    Also protects from loose shoelaces and from me stepping on the wheel and things like that.

    Onewheel is meant to be beat up. Much more so than say a solowheel. A scratch on a onewheel you brush off and don't care about, where those other products you cringe and regret whatever stupid thing you did to scratch it.

    Yes it has regen braking.

    Crashing, I don't crash much, but when I do I've had zero injury, you just sort of run off of it. I've tried going off big curbs and things, do some "tricks" and that's the only time I've not landed on my feet.

    Other people say it's cool ask what it is, and here's the great thing. When you want to stop and talk about it you can, otherwise just ride off like a complete badass.
    Many many people have never seen or heard about a onewheel. They see it and are just awed by it. Segway,hover boards,electric skateboards, etc people are much less impressed by.

  • This post is deleted!

    1. Fender is a "must". If nnothing else, because you dont get all those pebbles and crap on the sensor, so your griptape stays cleaner for longer, and no risk of gravel between your sole and the pad so you crash because the onewheel thinks you aint on it anymore (have happened way to many times for me) :D
    2. Id say, build a handle. Its a piece of cake if you have ANY skills what so ever.. its just a handle, however you attach it is just a taste.
    3. I dont really agree with groovyruvy, I rather feel that the regenerative breaking does put back quite alot of battery. If I run on longer slopes with some degree of angle, I rather gain battery, or atleast go +/- 0.

    Im to fast for people.. they try to stop me and chat, but unless its someone that actually looks like a nice person, I just blast of before I get mugged :P

  • get a fender, it serves as a barrier between you and a dirty wheel and many other things splashing up at you, get a handle from @thegreck, they are awesome

    @Poseur-Pete said in [New commuter, former SoloWheel rider]

    • Who likes the fender? Only reason I hold back is I like the spinny wheel look, but I can get over that.
    • How is it lugging the OW on buses/trains? The bag sounds great but for daily I want to carry it a few steps or ride it.

  • I like my fender :) keeps water and dirt off my feet legs and footpads...

  • Thanks for all the posts and ideas, everybody. I still wonder what it's like on a bus, but there's only one way to find out.
    I forgot to mention, I did rock a Segway once. I took a "drivers class" at a local museum and got a "license". Since I had my SW with me, I talked the class into letting me run it through the Segway course, that was fun. (Going up/down ramps, running over a board, going fast, reverse, etc).
    I think Segways are cool, I like leaning into those turns when you are really cruising, but they are hard to take on a bus, and I find things like the SW and OW more... "funky".

  • Welcome.
    Just adding my 2 cents.

    1. I like the fender. It is a total must for me personally, since I commute all year on my OW, and rain is wet.

    2. It's not fun to carry for a long walk, but I don't mind carrying it when stopping by the store to shop something small.

    3. Well you know already. Yes.

    4. I don't own a solowheel, only (almost) stood on it once. I stood on my OW first time in the kitchen. Rode to the living room and back. Shaky, but no problem to ride it on the first try. Didn't even manage to get on the solowheel :P

    5. I don't know about the solo, but I think the OW is pretty safe. I've ridden it almost 700 km and have yet to bail at speed and fail to not land on my feet. Not that it happens often, like 3 times or so. But never fell. And Sweden doesn't have flat roads :P

    6. When I commute, I don't talk to people and they don't talk to me. When I cruise in the evenings or weekends, i sometimes stop to chat with random interested people.
      Rode alongside a hummer limo a few blocks while chatting with the driver about which one of us was cooler ;)

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