Onewheel Accessory store now open

  • It's taken a while to get the store ship-shape and how we want it. It's definitely work in progress, but @thegreck and myself are pleased to open the hyperthetical doors of our store to the Onewheel community

    Hope it's of use and we welcome your feedback.

  • @Jimmers75 @thegreck Looks Great Guys. I like it, I know you will get more sales. May I link it on my Youtube Videos?

  • @Jimmers75 good job! Will add the link to my videos too, if you want...

  • Good job guys.... Honestly, I thought dude was going to create a more comprehensive forum home with shops and stuff, I am actually more surprised FM or someone hasn't gotten more organized, I know the forum traffic isn't huge, but considering the accessory merchandising that is going on... Clearly, we have a passionate base and $$ ;).

  • Indeed this is Great, (It was part of my original idea). Jimmy and Greg are doing a great job and I am excited for them. Personal events have limited my time and money that I have for my site and Youtube. My Focus has now shifted to my YouTube with the time I have available for this Project . I want to help promote Jimmys site. This community need things like this. Keep it up!!

  • @fabuz said in Onewheel Accessory store now open:

    @Jimmers75 good job! Will add the link to my videos too, if you want...

    That would be awesome man thanks

  • @Dude Buddy please feel free to promote to it as you can and if you send me info on your site I will it time add that to a 'Social' section to share other members sites and products

  • @Dude I feel your pain I really do its not been easy at all getting this off the ground and I've only been able to fund it due to the sales of the One Penny Bag if I'm honest, seemingly what goes around comes around.

    We would love to be able to sell the products on the site cheaper but (get the violins at the ready) because we are hand building every item there is genuine blood - lots of slicing of fingers with various tools, sweat - no air conditioning going on in the shed we're building the handles from & tears - just because I'm weak going into every product we sell.

    Don't get me wrong it's proving inspiring to us all being able to design products and have you guys like them enough to buy, but with day jobs of 10 hours a day to hold down, young families to chase around, water, feed and get to sleep finding the time to get these projects the momentum they need is certainly an eye opener.

    That all said (violins away) we're not saving lives here, we're not bringing fresh water to millions or curing cancer so I'll shut up and get on with it.

    Thanks for everyone's positive feedback and if we can help others get ideas off the ground then do get in contact

  • @jimmers75 @dude I love your speeches my friends! I'm living my passion for the ow through yourself and I love it too because I can do anything, just help you in the spirit of friendship ;)
    I never see you once but I know that one day our paths will cross some day and we are already good friends! Love it love it love it (jim's violins :) and of corse I don't forget my buddy @thegreck

  • I look forward to the ONECONS :) or futurEMoticons
    Actually, I mentioned this to dude, and just due to my personal health issues which I may be close to resolving I haven't put any energy into this, I have intended to organize a one wheel cruise where we can get clearance to get our OW on the ship (where they will be stored in storage, can't ride them on board) but, we can take them onto the islands and hit certain locations I could scout and we could OW it up. I wonder if anyone here would know good places in the Carribien already to hit. I can get us clearance with RCCL and setup group rates I have an family agency.... They have surfing on the ship, I bet we would all be decent at it :)

  • Good job! Good stuff!

  • @Aaron-Broward-FL I am so looking forward to this. WE are going to do Awesome things. all of us here.

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