OW @ Midnight On a Golfcourse

  • So my new favorite thing to do is ride Barefoot on the golfcourse in pitch black night @ midnight (or round about then) - Its super nice out (in florida, currently summer) really peaceful and quiet, yet dangerous and thrilling, due to it being dark and barefoot :) I do use the regular lights so i can see the Terrain coming up and generally stick to the cart path because the soft dirt can throw you pretty quick. I generally don't zoom ultra fast. probably no more than 9mph. But its a blast...
    If you have a course near you, I Suggest:
    You have Not ONE WHEELED UNTIL you Have Ridden the Golf Course @ Midnight BAREFOOT :)

    Please Avoid the 9th Green @ 9 Issue .... Secret of the Pro's #ShooterMcgavin4Eva


  • Sounds like fun. On a very dark night, must look like the damdest thing to a spectator... Lights cruising noiselessly along the cart path, like Close Encounters!

  • @Aaron-Broward-FL Sounds like you found your happy place!

  • @Aaron-Broward-FL are you allowed to ride this place man? :) here in France, the golfcourse are protected like fortified castle...:(
    Riding beach barefoot is a must too ;)

  • I've always coveted a golf course as the Dream Ride but left it forbidden as they are undoubtedly protected in my area and I don't need to trespassing charge or destruction of property charge.
    This is inspiring

  • Technical allowed no, it is my backyard, so it's not like breaking and entering, there is no fence, just roll on out there. Also I stick to the cart path so I am not destroying anything and yes, it's probably like very close encounters or speed up dog walking footage. :)

    There are plenty of courses around here that are not well guarded... And plenty that are :)

  • I was just thinking the other day how fun that would be. There is a golf course near my house that runs through the town so although there is no was in hell it would be allowed you can ride onto the course from a few streets in the area so from a convenience factor how could I not take advanrage.

  • If I was to go around my golf course Id get a ticket for trespassing quick. That is I dont run into a moose.

  • @juts they have to catch you first

  • second the golf course... there is one close to me that is "open" at night here in the Presidio.... going on the greens downhill at night with lights on is the closest to downhill boarding you can get in the summertime. nights are still cold here in SF so no barefoot going on.

  • @Aaron-Broward-FL well with the lights on the OW it would be extremely hard to lose me lol

  • Just got back from riding a course near me and it was sweet. Long rolling greens, super smooth and flat. Almost a full moon, lights out.
    Highly recommended.

  • @wr420 how did your battery hold up? Did you have reduced mileage on the grass?

  • @thehoff Hard to tell casue I rode 40% of batt just to get there. I spent about 10-15 minutes riding and left to seek out an outlet at about 35%. Course was classic rolling hills so up hill and down was even at the course. I will be going back tonight with a friend and top off a block or 2 from the course so I can get more time. I'll report back. So fun with lights out in the moonlight.

  • This post is deleted!

  • As of today I have yet to ride a golf course at night. But I will say I work part time at a golf course and ride my OW regularly during the day toward the evening when not many people are on the course. It is a total blast. I have never snow boarded but I'm sure that carving down a fairway has to be pretty close to the same feeling. It's a total blast. Especially if the tee boxes are a lot higher then the fairways. It's like dropping in. Fun! Just be careful. I can say I have nosedived about four good times because I was pushing the limits of the board. Good thing for grass. Maybe call it Florida grass boarding. I know that was terrible. Haha

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