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  • I have been meaning to post a picture of my board the way it is exactly at this moment just in case it is ever stolen so I have pictures that I'm sure are accessible and public for worst case scenario. Thought I might as well start a thread for anyone else looking to do the same thing rather than have to search for the picture in a another thread

  • @orangeblood @thomasharrick noticed yall talking about wraps and masking tape and durability. Ive kept mine wrapped in gorilla tape and it's great. Rewrapped after 2months 2months ago and I toss this thing around a lot. Tumbles in back of the work truck sometimes. The tape is tough and cheap also very resistant to water. I feel like it screams homemade tho. That's absolutely the number one Q I get is, "did you make that?"

  • The tape is a no name brand for longboards. Got it free for letting some dudes at a local shop in bmore called Busting Boards ride mine around their shop. Cool cats.
    I prefer grip in the spots FM does not supply it. And higher grit

  • @kbman I thought I'd stop getting the "did you make that" question when I had the entire thing wrapped in 3M matte black vinyl wrap, even the wooden foot pads. I had thought it was the mix of metal and wood that made people ask that. But it's not. I think they just assume we made them because they've never seen one anywhere else before, so we must've made it.

  • @kbman I ordered some 3M carbon fiber vinyl wrap for $20 off amazon. I'm trying not to damage the aluminum. There's no way I'm going to tape it after you said that people asked you if you built it yourself lol, but did the tape protect the blue paint after all that time? I figure if tape works then vinyl wrap should as well.

  • I don't understand everyone wrapping their boards to protect it from scratches.

    If it's wrapped up, you can't even see the nice metal and wood parts. Also, the wrap gets damaged inevitably as well....
    I'm of the opinion a nice paint job just looks miles better than vinyl.

    Personally, I'm gonna let mine get scratched up real good, when it comes time to replace bumpers and pads, I'll just paint it.

    It's an expensive ride, it deserves better than some vinyl or tape!

    I'm thinking a metallic red in the future.
    Paint would be incredibly cheap because you need practically none.

    You would want autobody paints. And sprayer. Don't go using a home/building paint and sprayer.

    Now I kind of want to go ride some more and get some scratches to get closer to time to paint mine XD

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