Safety equipment? Body Armor?

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    It just has to be pet of your routine like putting on your seat belt. Just like playing eye of the tiger is pet of mine.

    pet = part?

  • @thegreck
    Yes lol

  • @itwire Oh, that's too bad. I thought you had a pet tiger ;)

  • Shoulder armor saved me from major hurt today. Been flying down the trail on my Onewheel Plus the past two weeks with 7.5 ah of extra battery up to 21 or 22 mph top speed every day. It caught up to me today -- high speed, 4% low battery, and moderate acceleration, EDIT: and a near flat tire -- the nose dropped like a trap door. I had time to tense up (wrong response) before slamming my shoulder into the pavement. A professional umpire's knee and shin guard cut to fit my upper arm, and velcroed into my loose jacket sleeve, took the brunt of the fall. A couple tears in my snowmobile mitten over a wrist guard, more tears and shreds in my jacket sleeve, and some gouges in my knee pad -- but not even a visible bruise on my body. Thank goodness for protective gear!

  • @blkwalnutgrwr Glad you're okay, sounds like that would have been real nasty otherwise.

  • @blkwalnutgrwr , So glad you are OK!

  • A limbs akimbo fall is my worst fear; this shoulder slam is a close second. Thrilling and amazing it is to me to be able to get back up and ride immediately afterwards. Plenty sore, but all in one piece!

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    A professional umpire's knee and shin guard cut to fit my upper arm, and velcroed into my loose jacket sleeve

    That's creative! Very mad max. I bought that armored hoodie from dapper defender and I wear a lumbar support belt for lower back and hip protection. I contemplated wearing my old football pads at first but I looked like Recyclops.

  • Going over and over my recent fall off the front of my Plus, I think what happened was a sudden, sharp, dramatic pushback of millisecond duration, instantly then becoming the trap door -- happening with low battery at about 20 mph. This had happened to me a couple of times at very slow speeds when I had plugged in auxiliary batteries routed through a voltage booster BEFORE or without turning my V1 on -- the board ran for a dozen or so feet, then sudden lift and fall-bam! Slightly different than just a nose drop -- with the sudden lift first, then the drop.

  • @blkwalnutgrwr
    The low power (4% battery) torque drop out is a sneaky devil and I have been bitten a few times. I try to keep speed low when batteries fall under 50% to be safe. When I get down to 10% It is limp home to charge mode for me. Glad you made it without major issues from the fall....

  • Disappointing when the nose of my board hit pavement at 20 mph was that the toe-side Fang yoke-bracket cracked and splayed askew -- with the drag of it causing the board to veer sharply to toe-side and then flip, landing upside down at rest.

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