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  • @parrothd. Is that 3m's 1080 wrap or something else?

  • Getting it to look good on the sides was to much for me, so I went with the center only..

    Moyishi 3D Black Carbon Fiber Film Twill Weave Vinyl Sheet Roll Wrap - 24''x60''


  • @Franky holy crap man, that doesn't sound good. Definitely something off in there. Sorry man. Get your pad replaced or swap that grip tape at least when it's in or back. =)

  • Wrapping the entire fender was a bad idea (from a time standpoint, but nice from an appearance standpoint). It took a long time because of the contour. If you decide to vinyl wrap the fender, I would recommend just doing the center section. The board was easy to wrap though. At the moment, I can't figure out how to attach a picture from my phone on this thread.

    The bad fender didn't come with any spacers, hardware, or allen wrench. I emailed future motion to get those three items out to me so I can attach the fender.

  • I figured out how to post pics from the phone :).....

    2015-09-23 07.49.51.jpg

  • Finally got my goodies!20150923_193209.jpg

  • How do you get banned? Haha

  • @mikeyjihad drama.... now I'm curious though.... maybe it has to do with the ads in his signature... probably was just spamming the board at some point

  • Any international people got their shipping confirmation or better yet their order of the fender yet? Can't wait to test the fender in the rain!

  • Got my shipping confirmation. Thankfully $50 shipping costs waived as a discount after reminding OW that they did promise discounts on the fender for Kickstarter backers.

    Seeing you guys wrap the board makes me want to do the same... Especially the amount of real estate to play around with on the fender..

  • @parrothd said:

    When you guys wrap your boards, how do you get the sides done so nicely, around the logo and all? I purchased the carbon wrap, but haven't tried to apply it yet.

  • @kbern Be sure to press the wrap into the board to release any air bubbles slowly moving from one area to the next. Then, around any areas with logos or any area that you will use a sharp razor blade to cut around, be sure to lightly press your fingernail on the wrap outlining the area that will be cut. Outlining it with your nail before cutting ensures you not only see the area that will soon be cut, but will also ensure you have enough material around that area that allows it to be cut as close to the logo as possible so you don't see any color of the board instead of the wrap. On the areas that need to be cut between the metal and maple wood foot pads, it's always better to cut where it allows you to have a tiny bit more material (so it can be tucked) than not have enough material (because you'll see the color of the board in the areas cut if you didn't leave a tiny but if excess).

  • Practice a few times, and plan out how you're going to stick it on there.

    Also, use a new razor blade with light pressure to just cut the material, don't press to hard or you'l leave knife marks..

    To do the center I cut an over sized piece and carefully applied it trying to limit the air bubbles and used a credit card to squeegee out the remaining air bubbles. To trim it and make a sharp line I used some blue painters tape as guide. Stick it on there where you want the line to be then just cut along it. The curved sides of the fenders will take a lot of time and relief cuts...

  • @parrothd @T-CAT thanks for the tips. I'll post a pic when I'm done!

  • My fender cracked today, beware it's pretty fragile...

  • How did it happen?

  • Just riding around and falling off...

  • @parrothd you should write support and ask if they can hook you up. Their margins have to be pretty massive on a $100 piece of plastic, so if it broke from a minor dust up they may consider sending out a replacement. Or not... But worth a shot.

  • @parrothd Just riding and falling off? Your fender looks hella thrashed. How often do you fall? Cause I've had mine as long as you if not longer and it looks nothing like that. Looks like you put a lot of damage on it, js

  • Their not going to replace it, its clearly user error.. Everyone should learn to ride good before installing it.. Its cheap abs plastic.. Either way, its a fender not a bumper.. You can't be mad if it breaks when your flipping your OW everytime you ride.. Just common sense

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