One Wheel Fender Availability

  • Practice a few times, and plan out how you're going to stick it on there.

    Also, use a new razor blade with light pressure to just cut the material, don't press to hard or you'l leave knife marks..

    To do the center I cut an over sized piece and carefully applied it trying to limit the air bubbles and used a credit card to squeegee out the remaining air bubbles. To trim it and make a sharp line I used some blue painters tape as guide. Stick it on there where you want the line to be then just cut along it. The curved sides of the fenders will take a lot of time and relief cuts...

  • @parrothd @T-CAT thanks for the tips. I'll post a pic when I'm done!

  • My fender cracked today, beware it's pretty fragile...

  • How did it happen?

  • Just riding around and falling off...

  • @parrothd you should write support and ask if they can hook you up. Their margins have to be pretty massive on a $100 piece of plastic, so if it broke from a minor dust up they may consider sending out a replacement. Or not... But worth a shot.

  • @parrothd Just riding and falling off? Your fender looks hella thrashed. How often do you fall? Cause I've had mine as long as you if not longer and it looks nothing like that. Looks like you put a lot of damage on it, js

  • Their not going to replace it, its clearly user error.. Everyone should learn to ride good before installing it.. Its cheap abs plastic.. Either way, its a fender not a bumper.. You can't be mad if it breaks when your flipping your OW everytime you ride.. Just common sense

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  • @njcustom Says the guy who has never stepped on a OW. Why don't you give advice when you know what you are talking about.

  • This is good. Now I know I need to make my fender out of polycarbonate plastic :)

  • @DVO I obviously ride a lot more than you... Lol..

  • It's a hard plastic, it needs to be a softer rubberish type so it doesn't crack. It'll be fine if you baby it. At least I can use this as a mold and make something, maybe carbon fiber..

  • @parrothd - good idea on flexibility. I don't see this fender as standing up to a lot of abuse.

    It is perfect for riders like myself who use the board for commuting and carving. I can't imagine going back to not having one after having the freedom to blast through puddles without getting soaked. I like that the fender is lightweight for my purposes - even at the expense of being relatively fragile.

    However, if I were to take my OW to a skatepark or try out new tricks, I would remove this fender. Also, I don't think I'm going to offer rides now that I have the fender. I'm generous, but not $85 generous :-)

    I'm very pleased with the fender personally, but I can understand how people who use their OW differently may be a bit bummed at its relative fragility.

  • @parrothd I ride everyday and took some spills full speed the fender held up fine and doesn't look as nearly as thrashed as yours. Whether you ride more than me is debatable, but you obviously bail a lot more than me. What I'm trying to ask/figure out is, what kind of a crash made the fender crack? You still haven't answered that. Just curious

  • It's probably fine for someone just riding and carving, not pushing the limits or any tricks/new riders. I got about 4-5 days with it so a "normal" rider should get a few months? We shall see...

    Just letting others know it breaks very easily...

    Riding at the pump track didn't help, I had 20ish spills where the one wheel rolled onto the fender, which didn't help. As for how it happened my back foot feel off while getting on the subway, my sensor foot was still on so I spun around a few times in a circle trying to keep it from crashing onto the tracks.

    $15-25 fender (which this seems to be) is fine I could buy a few and expect them to break, but an $85 dollar one you'd think it would hold up a little more.

  • @sidebox

    Why are you so butt hurt? How do you know I haven't ridden a OW? or seen the fender? How old are you?

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  • @sidebox

    Hahaa OK man ;) if you say so

  • @parrothd Oh OK, makes a lot more sense now. That's what I was trying to figure out. I just do trail and concrete doing 180's and curb jumping.I could imagine a pump track can make for some spills. Wonder why they didn't go with more of flexible material

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