e. board along with Onewheel...

  • Many Onewheelers come from electric skateboard.
    I'm wondering how many still use their e. boards.

    This morning after my OW ride, I took my Yuneec E-Go for a ride.
    Honestly, I still enjoy it and it's nice to have something else along with the Onewheel.
    Like when OW need to be serviced or just a longer ride.
    Thought of selling it but I'm just gonna keep it.
    14 lbs and up to 14 miles range. Sure comes handy.
    Took a quick video while at it.


    Got to try Boosted Board the other day.
    Insane acceleration and speed, but the E-Go is good enough for me.
    Long range and good enough speed.

    Good thing to have along with OW.

  • Yep, I also have an evolve carbon gt, it's just another kind of fun :-)
    Basically, I'm using the onewheel when the range is enough otherwise, I take the evolve :-)
    I must say the carbon gt AT if incredibly fun on grass, sand and any other terrain :-)
    Onewheel is like snowboarding in powder while the evolve is more like snowboarding on slopes.

  • How long have you had the ego skateboard? A few people have had problems with the motor and battery dying. It seems like its good quality though. How many miles have you logged on it?

  • evolve carbon gt is sick... Still on pre-order in the States.

    @frotozoa had it for more than 2 years and never had an issue.

    E-Go 2 and E -Go X came out.

    The X is All Terrain with dual motor and suspension.
    Still can't find user review yet.
    Might pick up one when prices go down a little.


  • @sonny123
    Ego 2 is nice. Have you seen the segway mini? It does 10 mph and range is around 14 miles.

  • @frotozoa

    Looks interesting.
    I was never into self balance gadgets.
    Took me a while to try the OW. What sold me is this forum.
    I think the OW is the exception for me. :)

  • @sonny123
    Compared to the onewheel its average. The onewheel has more maneuverability and is more fun. The forums have some good info and are encouraging for those considering throwing in the towel.

  • @frotozoa

    Well, I had watched the OW since the kickstarter days and didn't think it's for me.
    But then it kept popping up here and there.
    Then I found this forum and was seeing people literally hooked on it.
    So I wanted to know what the fuss was all about until I got one and got hooked myself.

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