Portable charger

  • I am keeping an eye on this topic and will likely get something in the spring for longer rides. Longest so far is the gym to lift, 5.5 mile round trip.

  • has anyone tried a goal zero battery back. I know its not the lightest but i would like to know how many charges i could get out of the yeti 400.

  • @itwire Probably no, and it is indeed quite heavy.
    But the 400 is (i guess) for the capacity of 400 Wh. That should give you about what, 2,5x full recharge I guess?
    Almost 40% higher capacity, but at a near 300% increase in weight compared to the ATOTO Ultra UPS.
    It's also rated slightly lower for 300W continuous, which might possibly be a problem.

  • @germx
    thanks I'm not too concerned about weight i just want something i can keep in the trunk of my car when I'm at a park. For example 2 days ago I drove an hour to an amazing park, but of course used all my juice. So i had to head home. I will say this that attoto or what ever its called on amazon its kind of shady i hope it doesn't blow up on anyone. I also have a yamaha generator that i have as a backup for my saltwater reef tanks I'm thinking I'm probably going to start using it to change one wheel when I'm on remote trips.

  • @itwire Hmm, yeah well it IS a lithium battery, and it shows on the weight. It's not the LiFePo4 kind either unfortunately.

  • @LidPhones Do you hand it to the people in the gym to watch over while you lift? Just wondering what you do with the board while your working out?? Thanks!

  • @Wakeboarder54 The Anytime Fitness has cubic client areas (about the size of milk crates) but I prefer to place the OW with my backpack in the corner of the free weight area. Nobody has tried to use it as a piece of equipment yet or take it. I can see it at all times.

  • @LidPhones Thanks, I got to 24hr fitness in the Pearl District in Portland and my neighbor rides his to 24 and just leaves it with one of the workers behind the desk....was wondering if you did the same. When I get mine back tomorrow was wanting to go for a morning cruise to the gym and just have them hold it like my buddies onewheel.

  • @Wakeboarder54 i also go to a 24 hour fitness here in Orlando. I take it upstairs and lock it to the stretching thing with a cable lock because there is an outlet right there as well.

  • @w!ngy How long does it take to charge the block? I've have my board for a month and I could have used it 3 times already.

  • I am using this set up.

    Works well so far. I have 1 36v 4.4Ah li-ion (18650's) and another 32v 8.8Ah lifepo4 pack.

    Gets me 3-4 charges if I bring both batteries. The beauty is that this solar controller also will charge my to 2 li-ion batteries from a lower voltage power supply. I use the 12v from an old PC power supply.

    Also this solar controller is NOT really MPPT just a boost charger.

  • @itwire For your car you should just get a power inverter (~$20) and connect it to your car battery... leave the car running and charge the Onewheel as many times as you want.

  • @thegreck ya but why not have onewheel put their logo on it and sell it for $200s more?

  • @onewheeler808 You should click the "quote" button when responding to something someone said nearly a year ago. Took me a bit of searching to figure out what you were referring to.

  • @kbern said in Portable charger:

    @itwire For your car you should just get a power inverter (~$20) and connect it to your car battery... leave the car running and charge the Onewheel as many times as you want.

    Can someone provide link to an inverter that has been tested with a OW charger? I'm reading conflicting advice about inverters and boosted boards. Thanks!

  • I would prefer to have the charger in the board :)

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