Won't charge or turn on!

  • @thehoff You should be getting around 6-7 miles per charge, and I think low battery pushback is between 10% and 5%?

  • @thehoff sounds like it needs factory support. After 20ish minutes to get to a full charge, I typically get a 90ish minute ride, 6-7 miles, with low battery pushback evident when I'm really low, maybe 3%. Regarding the charger jumping: I have a similar issue. After a full charge it shows 100%. From there it winds its way down to about 30% in consistent increments. But once I hit 30% maybe 25%, it drops much faster and unexpectedly. All of a sudden it shows 1%. But from experience I know it's really more like 10% left, or maybe it's a reserve, because I've riden it for a good distance on 1% and always made it back to home base. As a result I use the app's battery indicator for reference only, and kinda go off gut. At this point I feel like I've developed a pretty good sense of when it's about to hit zero.

  • @groovyruvy yeah.. I've charged the crap out of this battery last 4 days and this is where I am with it!

    Time to bite the bullet and ask Carly to replace or repair it..
    Living in Ireland I wonder what the turnaround time will be.. 😭😭😭

  • @groovyruvy did another 18 hour charge and getting 3 miles on grass around a football field.. App says I'm getting full charge and low battery pushback now is at 1% .. Last ride was 45 mins on a full charge. Getting there but nowhere near full range

  • @thehoff if it's taking 18 hours to get to a full charge, something's not right, should only take 20-30 min. If you're just charging it that long to see if it helps, that's another matter. Overall it's recommended to minimize (maybe once a month ) the # of overnight charges. Can I ask your weight and what psi the tire pressure is at? An underinflated tire can dramatically impact (sorten) the length of the ride, so just wondering if maybe it needs some air. As a reference I'm 215# and ride at 16.5 psi, and get a 6-7 mile ride of aggressive riding. I've tried 12 psi before and while I love the softer ride quality, I can only get a 5-mile ride.

  • @groovyruvy I weigh 190 pounds.. Tyre is 18psi and all my rides have been on short grass(football field) .. Charge time is 30-40 mins but seems to be getting better when I do overnight charges.. Got board on Wednesday and I've charged 2 x 18 hours... And 1 x48 hour charge.

  • @thehoff well you're good on psi. At this point it's really up to you: either keep up with the overnight charges and hopefully it'll continue to improve to the point where it's normal; or reach out to support and send the board back for them to make it right. Tough call, as being without the OW is a hard pill to swallow, we all understand that. On the other hand you're doing a lot of work to get the board to where it ought to be, and I'm just wondering if maybe the issue could recur in the future, and if it's best to just deal with it now and send it in. Either way I hope it resolves soon!

  • @groovyruvy thanks man.. I have contacted support and will start the return process.. Been fun trying to get it sorted.. The thoughts of a ride twice to 3 times the length I'm getting sounds worth waiting for!!

  • @thehoff I think returning it is the right choice. Luckily it sounds like you have a pretty good attitude about everything. As I said before unfortunately with new products like this there will always be some malfunctions. Fortunately FM seems to be very good with customer service and making things right.

  • @thehoff is support covering your shipping costs from Ireland? sounds like your OW was a bit of a lemon out of the box. I also wonder if the voltage difference is part of the challenge?

  • @ahxe45 yes.. I've found FM to be a great help.. Imagine if I had been miserable and bought one of the Chinese clones! I'd be completely out of pocket.. I've really enjoyed my short time with a onewheel and hope I get things sorted before the summer is over.

  • @PeterG yes .. FM will cover whatever needs to happen to get me up and running properly..
    I have had lots of experience with rechargable batteries as built rc planes for 20 years. Lipo batteries work very differently to the old nmh batteries, but I've cycled, charged and balanced lipos for many years. So I of all people know that all batteries preform slightly differently.. I think I have a few dud cells which are causing all the issues..

    The voltage in the uk shouldn't make a different as the charger works for all and only outputs 3.5a.. Green light trickle charges at 0.3a

  • @thehoff encouraging... I just need to get my shipping confirmation and my smiles will increase... I'm not as far away as Ireland but I'm also hoping to avoid such challenges :-)

    Cheers !

  • @PeterG I hope you get your onewheel soon.. It's an amazing piece of kit and I'm really looking forward to getting a fully powered one.

  • HELLO, I write from Spain , I bought 2 OW , one charge well , turns well but when I turn to turn back , no longer works, the blue button just blinks and have to walk back to the OW in arms , the problem home is back on once connected to the charger ...

  • @Pirulo my onewheel is working great. I did a 48 hour charge as instructed by FM support. Drain the battery all the way down and plug in charger. Leave for 48 hours. I did this and a few days later I did an 18 hour charge. Battery is now giving me 7.5 miles.

  • Pirulo, only days after getting my OW, and many successful rides, I happened to turn it on while I was carrying it. When I placed it on the ground to ride it, it would not move. The power light just kept on blinking. In my case, turning the power on while carrying it caused the error code. I did not realize that the OW needs to be sitting on ground before pushing the power button. I'm sure this is covered somewhere in the "'manual" and I have every intention of reading it someday...

  • @Roy it must be sitting on the ground in the ready portion before you turn on. Once on you can lift it and carry it around. I do this if I want to carry up a big hill so I can get more mileage. This allows the app to stay connected and give me trip mileage without resetting

  • Thanks Hoff, now I have even less reason to open the "manual"...and more time to ride!

  • now, no charge, connect and turn to advance but not to charge, disconneted and no work,
    I write from Spain :(

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